About Me

A bit of History:

As a child I was always active, I loved dancing and> once auditioned for the Royal Ballet. I played tennis, and> loved riding my bike around the local village. As I got older however, my activity levels started to dwindle. I was always a member of a gym and> did occasional bits of exercise but it was few and> far between. During my years at University I gained quite a bit of weight and> was the epitome of unhealthy! Takeaways were the norm and> I hate to think back over the portions I was eating. I became a typical yo-yo dieter. I tried everything and> anything to get the results I wanted, only to end up right back where I started or worse, once I fell off the wagon!

I had a now or never moment one Boxing Day, which involved all my clothes on the floor, shouting, ranting and> raving with frustration none of my clothes seem to fit or look right. I decided there and> then that I had to do something about it. I was desperately unhappy.

My life changed massively.  I followed a calorie controlled diet and> tried to incorporate some form of exercise in on most days.  Seeing results motivated me and> I managed to lose over 3 and> a half stone to get to a healthy weight again.  I wasn’t obsessive and> still enjoyed treats, seeing it as a lifestyle change and> not a “diet” and> I still continue in this way today.   Exercise is now a massive part of my life and> I managed to turn my passion into a career, setting up as a Personal Trainer.

My Before Photo (Taken on the aforementioned Boxing Day)

My Philosophy

I truly believe “diets” do not work, and> quick fixes are not the way to go – focusing on getting healthy and> enjoying exercise are my main philosophies and> this transfers into my Personal Training.  I really think you should use exercise to enjoy life and> not live to exercise. I believe in moderation, and> the 80/20 rule.  If you are good most of the time you can still enjoy the occasional treat! I love going out and> enjoying a nice meal and> a glass of wine.  A little bit of everything will keep you happy and> healthy!


Rachel x