This week’s #ode2fitness goals post is all about finding that motivation to reach your goal. It’s a big one but without your why it’ll be tough to stay focused and reach your main goal. It’s something I’ve really struggled with since having Emilia. I couldn’t dig deep and find the big reason why I wanted to exercise & lose weight. Whilst I wanted to look better and aesthetics is an appropriate goal it didn’t seem to keep me motivated. Maybe I expected too much. I expected to be able to do what I used to do before and look how I looked before but the reality is that wasn’t feasible. For me it wasn’t anyway. My lifestyle has totally changed, and I had to come to terms with that.

I’d fallen into old habits of comfort eating and was finding it a difficult cycle to break. I also struggled to find a time that suited me to exercise. I tried a number of different options, yoga classes, the gym, my own home workouts but I couldn’t consistently stick to anything.

I spent some time really thinking about my goals and what I wanted to achieve and hit a realisation. It was more important for me to be healthy and happy than just about the number on the scales. Emilia deserves a healthier, fitter Mummy. It’s not about how I look but how I feel and being able to run around after her, play football with her and teach her how to be healthy and enjoy food and exercise. I’ve changed my whole outlook on why exercise and diet is important to me. Whilst weight loss is still my main goal I want to improve my overall health and well being as well.

In terms of my diet I wanted to be healthier and enjoy tasty food with lots of variety. It’s easy to focus on the calories of food and not the nutritional value. I feel so much more satisfied by my food and whilst I still track my calories i’m finding myself less and less hungry as the food I’m eating is much more nourishing. I have so much more energy, my skin has improved and I just generally feel better. I have a way to go with this but I’ve dug out some old recipe books and am trying out new recipes for us all.

Kettlebell and TrainersExercise has been a real issue since having Emilia, I just couldn’t find something to stick to. I found it hard to find the motivation to workout, I was tired and when Emilia was sleeping I just wanted to rest. She doesn’t go to nursery and I don’t have family close by who I can leave her with for an hour whilst I go to the gym so I needed something else. I tried to do workouts at home I designed myself but I’ll be honest it’s easy not to challenge yourself enough doing this. But then I found the FIIT app. I’ve been consistently using it for a while now, and am definitely feeling a lot better about exercise. I’m enjoying the workouts and finding it’s easy to fit in around Emilia, either when she naps or whilst her Daddy puts her to bed.

As a qualified Personal Trainer I know all about good diets, and ways to exercise but as a busy Mum of a wild toddler my head is so full of baby stuff I haven’t been able to focus on it. Finding healthy recipe books and the FIIT app I have finally found my motivation again. As a consequence I’m slowly losing weight and feeling happier in myself and with my body.

This week why not have a real think about what your goals and why it’s important to you. It might just give you a little refresh so you can refocus and go out and smash your goals.

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