Do you eat enough veg? I definitely don’t! I’m reasonably ok with fruit but vegetables not so much. It’s not that I don’t like them I just don’t tend to eat them. I always make sure Emilia has some vegetables on her plate but don’t always plate myself the same. So this week’s #ode2fitnessgoal is another simple one, to eat more veg.

I’ve been making a conscious effort recently but still think I could do more. And definitely add more variety into my diet. My aim this week is 5 portions of veg a day and trying to eat a wide variety. From adding it to lunches, snacking on veg sticks and ensuring I have a portion with every evening meal I hope I can get some more goodness in and fill up on low calorie vegetables.

How did you get on with last week’s goal? I achieved my goal of 1.5 litres of water everyday. I filled my bottle (750ml) twice a day and I’ve definitely felt better for it. Let me know if you’ll be joining in this week and adding some more vegetables to your daily diet.