Today I turn 35 and as with all birthdays we often start to evaluate our lives and what we want to achieve. I’ve been doing the same, and unfortunately at the moment I’m not exactly happy with myself. I love my family, and I have the most perfect little girl but as I’ve said before, I’ve lost myself since becoming a Mum. And as Emilia gets older I really want to get some part of the old me back. And a big part of that is losing weight and getting back into exercise.

Since having Emilia I’ve lost weight and exercised but I’m still around a stone heavier than I’d like to be. It upsets me to even say it, I’d rather ignore it and just carry on as normal. But I know that won’t make me happy, I have to face up to the fact that my current lifestyle is making me unhappy and it’s not the Mum or person I want to be.

It seems to be a bit uncool to admit to dieting, counting calories and exercising for weight loss but it’s real life sometimes. Taking it back to basics when it comes to weight loss means to expand more calories than you take in so that’s my plan. Eat less and move more.

My main goal is to lose a stone by Emilia’s second birthday in October, just under 3 months. Along with losing weight I want to get fitter and generally healthier. Each week I’m going to be setting myself little mini goals focusing on health and well being. I’ll share them on my blog and social media each week and I’d love for you to follow along or set your own goals with me. You can comment on my weekly post or use the hashtag #ode2fitnessgoals on social media to share your progress.

Check back Sunday for a new blog post and next week’s goal.