I ended up taking an unscheduled break the last few months of 2018, things got a little hectic. Holidays, illness, birthdays & Christmas got the better of me & blogging was sadly left behind. If you read my little update post then you’ll know my aim for 2019 is to get back to blogging. And so therefore I’m finally filling you in on my gorgeous girl’s progress.

Emilia turned one back in October & we had a fabulous weekend, albeit a little emotional. We went to the zoo as a family the day before her birthday & had a little party for close family & friends on the Saturday, her actual birthday. It was so lovely to be surrounded by all the people that love her, she had a ball.

Emilia at the ParkEmilia has changed so much recently and is a real little Toddler now. She took her first few wobbly unaided steps just before her birthday and has just gained so much confidence with it since. She wants to walk everywhere. It lead to her first pair of shoes, a major milestone and she toddles around all the time now. It makes life a little more manic but so much fun.

We are a long way off talking yet but that doesn’t stop Emilia making a lot of noise. She can make a lot of sounds, and uses them in the correct context so knows how to get herself understood. Well most of the time. She does say ba bye & wave now which is just the cutest thing. Da or Dada is her favourite sound, and although we’ve had the odd Ma it’s not quite the official Mama I’m desperate to hear. She tries to woof when talking about dogs, and is pretty good at imitating a duck with her quack quack – I also got her to do some Ho Ho Ho at Christmas. I think on occasion she has said Hi and yes, oh and also Go but it’s just imitating sounds at the moment. I can’t wait for her language to develop even further.

There are so many other cute things Emilia can do now. She is so affectionate, she loves blowing kisses & giving proper cuddles. She puts her arms around you, says awww & pats your back. It’s gorgeous. She loves to climb, soft play is her favourite & she loves to get the cushions off the sofa at home & clamber about. We also love to sing & dance, Emilia has moves. She’s great at acting out rhymes like the Wheels in the Bus and Incy Wincy Spider amongst others but also free-styling whenever she hears any music.

Sleepy EmiliaOne thing Emilia has seemingly not got the hang of is sleep. The last couple of days have been a little better but we’ve had a rough month or so with sleep. One night recently I swear I actually had no sleep. We had some great sleepy phases with Emilia when she was younger and as a teeny baby she slept amazingly but as she’s got older it’s just not her thing. Her routine has been a little all over the place recently which probably wasn’t helping but I needed all the coffee. I need shares in Nespresso! We seem to have gone through a loooong transition from two to one nap, which now seems a little more settled. That combined with development leaps, illness & teething left us feeling like we’d never get a good night’s sleep again. Thankfully she seems to be improving as I say, until the next thing comes along to bring us back down to Earth with a bang!

It’s hard to fit everything in to one blog post as there’s been so many changes these past few months. I am absolutely loving being at home with my beautiful girl & helping her grow & learn. It’s not always easy, and I’d love a little more sleep but it’s always worth it.