As it’s the start of a new year, I think it’s likely that some of you are either about to join a gym for the first time or like me rejoin after an extended break. Now this might sound strange to some, as I’m a qualified Personal Trainer who spent 4 years working in a gym but as I build up to hitting the gym again, I am a little bit anxious. It’s a new gym but that’s not the only reason, I’m in a totally different place & am seriously lacking confidence especially when it comes to fitness.

Fitness shouldn’t be scary but I totally get that gym fear. And I’m feeling it myself now. They can be daunting places. But there are a few ways I’ve learnt along the way to help you fake that confidence.

First up, the gear! Whilst I’m a firm believe in the fact that you don’t need fancy outfits to get into fitness it is definitely something that can make you feel good. And in turn more confident to hit the gym. I’ve got some new trainers ready, and I’m hoping to buy some new gym wear in the sales, my favourites being Sweaty Betty or Primark for a more budget option.

Secondly just keep it simple. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do everything in one go. If all you do on your first visit is scope out the changing rooms & walk on the first treadmill you find then that’s OK. You can build up to a more solid routine, just get used to going and feeling happy in your new gym.

Lateral Pull DownAnd finally, call in the professionals. As a Personal Trainer I am happy to put together my own workouts but if you’re not then get help. It doesn’t have to be a full block of Personal Training sessions although that is definitely a worthwhile investment, it could just be a free induction or a personalised programme. If you have a plan to follow and know how to use the equipment in your gym you’ll feel so much more confident when you visit.

It’s not always easy taking that step into or even back into the gym, but I know it’s going to be totally worth it.