So here we are, I now have a gorgeous 9 month old girl. If you haven’t read Emilia’s previous 6 month update you can check it out here. I’m sure I’ll say this about every age but these last few weeks have just been so amazing. I genuinely am loving this age. Emilia has developed so much recently, although she still has no teeth. She is so much fun to be around and I am enjoying seeing her personality develop. She is such a happy baby, always ready with a smile or a giggle. Hearing her laugh melts my heart.  She is cheeky and mischievous but so loving. After any time away from me she always wants to stock up on some Mummy time with a quick cuddle.

9 month crawlingIt is so difficult to write all the things she has learnt recently but one of the biggest is she’s mobile.

Yep my little 9 month old is crawling, well she has been for a while now. It’s so much fun to watch but hard work. She’s suddenly grown in confidence with it and is now scuttling around our downstairs, finding all the things she shouldn’t have and generally causing mayhem. Baby proofing is definitely high on our list of priorities. She has also just started pulling herself up to standing, which is so scary. She tries to get up on everything even when it’s not possible. I don’t think it’ll be long before she’s cruising round the furniture. My days are spent chasing her round and trying to keep her safe.

Aside from being mobile, Emilia is now clapping and waving, she also understands the words and reacts to them.  Splashing in the bath on demand is another thing she has learnt and is so much fun. We finally went swimming recently and Emilia loved it. I actually start some classes with her soon.  And we are still loving Sensory and Spanish.  Sensory has to be Emilia’s absolute favourite, it is a world of fun for her. In relation to words and sounds she is now stringing words together and manages DaDa, BaBa and TaTa.  I am really hoping for a MaMa soon but I know that is a harder sound for them to master.

9 month weaningIn terms of eating Emilia is absolutely smashing Baby Led Weaning. 

We chose to do full baby led weaning and Emilia is loving it.  She generally eats the same meals as us, one of her favourites is Tuna Pasta, but she also loves the pizza pinwheels I make. And she has even had her very first cheeky Nando’s, how many 9 month olds can say that. I am actually thinking of writing a seperate post on Baby Led Weaning and our essentials as we love it so much.

And Sleep, the big baby sleep discussion.

We’ve had some real ups and downs with Emilia’s sleep recently, and I’m still not sure we are completely out the other side.  The real issues started when we began the transition from 3 to 2 naps, all routine went out of the window.  Emilia just wasn’t quite ready for just 2 naps but we just didn’t have time to squeeze a third one in.  It was a bit chaotic but now she is settled on 2 naps.  She has around 2-2.5 hours a day, and we work on 3 to 3.5 hours of awake time. She naps for around an hour at about 9:30/10 and then again 1:30/2 for an hour to an hour and a half.  Overnight is anyone’s guess to be honest. She is asleep for 6:45/7 but can wake once or multiple times.  There is an 8 month sleep regression which seemed to hit us hard and as I say I think we are still working on getting out the other side. Our mornings can also start anytime from 5:30-7:30, coffee is definitely my friend.  But it is all worth it.

I can’t actually believe in three months I will be writing Emilia’s one year update, I will have a one year old.  I am so excited to see how she develops over the next few months, and to enjoy our first trip to Portugal with our beautiful baby girl.