So it’s a new month and that means goals. A huge new goal for me is weight loss. I’m unhappy with my weight and how I look and I want to change it.

If you read my recent post about Getting back to fitness as a New Mum you’ll know how much I struggled in the first few months of Emilia’s life. For the past month or so I’ve been really trying to get back into exercise & healthier eating, with weight loss as a goal. I wasn’t getting very far but recently that’s changed.

Weight loss scalesSo first off a little honesty.  

I’ve put weight on. A lot of weight if I’m to be completely truthful. I’ve been ashamed to share it on my blog as I feel as a Personal Trainer and fitness Blogger this shouldn’t have happened. But do you know what it has and it’s real. My life changed dramatically when Emilia came into the world and it’s took its toll on me. Some lovely Twitter pals encouraged me to finally share this and so here I am. I am at least a stone over where I want to be possibly more. But I’m hoping in sharing my story and my journey back to fitness it might help others in my situation.

Whilst I’m a firm believer in ditching the scales sometimes they need to be used. Whilst I had I known I wasn’t happy with my weight for a while I kind of fooled myself into believing it was OK. But something changed and even though my clothes weren’t fitting properly finally checking out my weight really gave me the kick start I needed. Back when I lost weight the first time I had a massive breakdown over clothes not fitting and feeling overweight. I honestly believe you need to hit breaking point sometimes to really be able to make a change. Seeing how much weight I had put on did that for me.

Pregnancy Exercise WeightsWeight loss became a goal for me again.

So far I’ve lost 6 pounds but there’s another stone I’d like to get rid off. I’ve taken it right back to basics and it’s working. I knew diet would be key as I just can’t exercise in the same way I used to. So I downloaded myfitnesspal to get my calorie intake back on track. I’m not restricting myself completely as I don’t believe in those types of diets, no food will be off limits but hopefully it will give me some control back. At the moment the only exercise I am doing consistently is walking. I am trying to do some home workouts and really want to increase the frequency and intensity of these.

I know I can lose this weight, I’ve done it before and I will do it again.  I am going to share a lot more about this new weight loss journey I am on and the highs and the lows. There will be more on my social media as well as here on my blog. I really hope it helps and inspires others, especially us mums.