Today Emilia turns 6 months, and I honestly can’t believe she’s been with us for half a year already. I said similar in my 3 month post but it’s hard to remember my life before she was in it. She’s such a bundle of joy, demanding but hilarious and I love spending my days with her.

Emilia has developed so much over the last few months, and is the happiest, cheekiest, all round amazing baby. She makes me smile, laugh & cry. The good crying, when she does something new it melts my heart. OK and maybe the other kind occasionally, sleep deprivation is hard!

Yep Emilia still wakes in the night, although I know it’s pretty normal and generally she is a good sleeper. We do bedtime around 6:30 and she’s usually asleep and in her cot by 7:15, she then tends to sleep until about 6:30 with a couple of wake ups for milk. It doesn’t always go like this, babies sleep is so unpredictable but generally that’s her pattern. She now has 3 consistent naps a day, of around 3.5hrs. 8-9:30/12-1:30 and 4-4:30, however I’m still struggling to get her to settle in her cot for these. I’m working on it although I do love our daily nap cuddles.

Emilia can sit unaided, and is constantly trying to get on the move. We’ve had little bits of bum shuffling, and she tries so hard to coordinate herself into a crawl. She’s just not quite there yet. The Jumperoo is now her favourite toy but I’m conscious of leaving her in there too long as I’m sure she’d bounce all day.

Her little personality is really growing, and she has the most beautiful beaming smile. She realises now when something makes us laugh & keeps doing it. Like when she face-planted the bed, Danny & I couldn’t stop laughing & Emilia knew it. It’s so much fun, her little laugh is infectious. And she loves to make lots of noise, it’s so funny when she finds a new sound she can make. Squealing is her newest one.

6 months marks the transition I feel to baby over newborn and so many things change. We moved Emilia into her big cot in our room a while ago but it won’t be long before she will be in her nursery. She is also close to outgrowing the carrycot in her pram, and we’ll be moving onto the pushchair soon. I’m hanging onto that carrycot for as long as possible though! And we will be starting her on solids now she’s 6 months. She’s been testing out her highchair ready. I can’t wait but I’m sad about all the changes.

We’ve been struggling the past few weeks with Leap 5, if you don’t know what I mean check out the Wonder Weeks app. This has been by far the most intense leap but seeing Emilia develop and grow is just incredible. She fills my heart with joy and that makes the tough times so worth it. I can’t wait to see her develop more over the next 6 months.