I had grand plans when I first found out I was pregnant. Staying fit & healthy was one of my top priorities, not just for me but for my baby. And I managed it, I trained throughout my pregnancy and gained very little additional weight. But after Emilia was born I lost any motivation. Being a new Mum is tough, and throw into the mix a huge house renovation, I rarely found the time for exercise or cooking.

I think I thought I’d have this perfect baby, napping in her cot for hours on end, keeping herself entertained. But the reality is so different. And I should now that’s not often the case, my sister has kids, so do my friends and this type of baby is rare. (Lucky you if you have one of these!) Not that I would change my gorgeous Emilia but she is one demanding little cutie.

From a few weeks old Emilia would only ever cat nap, 30/40 minutes here & there. And generally only on me or in the car. Dreams of home workouts went out the window, and for a while even the pram was a no go. Luckily now she loves her pram and long walks are my exercise saviour.

I think I put so much pressure on myself to get back into exercising as soon as possible. And as a Personal Trainer and fitness Blogger that’s my job right. But you know what, being a Mum takes over all of that. And as long as Emilia is getting what she needs I’m happy.

Yes I wanted to get back into living healthy, and exercising and whilst I may not have put much weight on nothing feels as firm. For me it’s a lifestyle and I knew given time I’d get back to it. It’s taken almost 6 months but I am finally ready to make some changes.  The chocolate that got me through those first months is gone, and I am dedicating some time to getting back to running. Running is something I can do straight out of the house whilst Emiia is sleeping and Danny is home. I don’t need a gym and will only be away for 30 minutes.

I know I may not get back to where I was and that’s ok. I have a new kind of strength, life is good, and you only have those first few months once. If you want to spend them eating convenience food, and spending the majority of your days in your PJs cuddling your baby that’s OK.  There is so much pressure on us to snap back into shape, but the reality is so different.  I know there will come a time when Emilia doesn’t want to cuddle me to sleep, or need to spend all her day with me and then I can focus more on me.