As a new Mum it is often difficult to find the time to look after ourselves and enjoy a bit of a pamper. Any spare time I had during those first few months was split between eating, sleeping or showering. But as time goes on & you find yourself settling into more of a routine you may find you have a bit more time for you.  And as I slowly begin to find that time myself, there are a few products that I wanted to share with you that have helped me.

Relax and Recover

This Neal’s Yard Seaweed and Arnica bath foam is amazing for new mums.  Not only is is designed for to help restore a sense of wellbeing when overtired but the arnica is great to help soothe any sore bits after giving birth.  I tried to find time for a couple baths using this in the intial weeks after Emilia’s birth and it was so worth it.  Check it out here.

Finding time to Sleep

As a new Mum sleep seems like a distant memory. You will constantly hear the phrase sleep when they sleep but for me this was near on impossible.  Emilia is a serial catnapper and only ever really naps on the go or on me or Danny.  I did however find the time for the odd extra lie in or nap during the day and these 2 products help me drift off quickly. Nutri-Derma’s Organic Pillow Spray and Temple Spa’s Repose Cream.  The pillow spray contains lavender which is known for it’s calming properties and bergamot which is associated with relaxation.  You can buy it at Healthy2u. The Temple Spa Repose Cream is perfect to use when you want a little daytime slumber.  Dubbed a good night’s sleep in a jar, it’s also suitable for babies! Check it out here.

Pamper your hands

Endless nappy changes means lots of hand washing or sanitiising and that along with the cold weather played havoc with my hands.  This Kiehl’s hand slave is amazing.  I have it on me at all times, and try to keep my hands in tip top condition. It is really strong and feels great on, I noticed a difference immediately.  It is worth investing in. Find out more on the Kiehl’s website here.

It is definitely worth investing some time in yourself as a new mum and these products definitely helped me to do that.  Do you have any essential products you couldn’t love without as a new Mum?

*This post contains some PR samples*