You may have read my previous post focusing on post natal fitness, and how myself as a Mum is planning to get back into exercise. But what about Dad, life changes for them too. So today’s guest post comes from BuddyUpFitness, and is all about how he fits fitness into his life as a parent.

Dad Fitness 1OK then so being a parent is definitely one of the most challenging things you can do.

I don’t know about anybody else but mine didn’t come with an instructions manual (saying that, as a bloke even if there was one I would of probably just chucked it in the man draw).  It is challenging but equally rewarding, if not more so. I do feel you still need to have that you time. Now this is also challenging. You need to split your time up between work, husband, dad and then you for you, and they are all important. Unfortunately the most boring of them all takes up most of your time, work, but that’s what you got to work with.

So how does my day go?

Alarm goes off at 0500, I stomp about, get myself ready for work and I’m on the road for 0600.

0700-1730 I’m at work. I get home at 1815 after picking my daughter up from her grandparents. 1830 I have my meal and a lovely cuddle. 1900 is bed time story and a five min cuddle.

Like most families both me and my wife have to work so she has to fit in a few hours work in between school runs and then evenings as well. So I can’t get to the gym until she gets home, usually around 2030. We have a quick kiss and then I’m out the door for some me time. Switching off to the world and getting an hour in at the gym.

So as you can see with full time work and being a dad it’s difficult to keep your fitness up. I go to the gym four times a week, I would love to go more but you need a balance. I go three times in the week, my wife doesn’t work Tuesday or Friday so those are our evenings to be a couple, and I get an early Saturday morning session in as well or Saturday afternoon if I work in the morning. So we have Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday to be a family.

Dad Fitness 2To keep up a schedule like this you really need to act as a team.

Preparation and planning is also vital. So we like to get meal prep done on a Sun, that’s not always possible though so we plan our meals accordingly. My wife bless her will usually do ready to eat meals on my gym days in the slow cooker, or something easy to warm up. Casaroles, chilli, spag bol, curry, those kind of things.

I’m lucky because my wife and I work very well together.  She will prep meals in the week or on a Sunday I will cook off two or three meals for later in the week. We share keeping on top of the house as well.  I do the majority of work hours and my wife does work hours where she can but takes care of our daughter’s needs.

My wife gets to go to the gym during the day. This means we never clash wanting to get to the gym, as the gym doesn’t have child care. So fitness as a dad really does have to be a team effort.  And make the most of all the time you have available to you. Work hard and cherish those valuable moments as a family and as a couple.

Until next time, keep grinding and enjoy life.

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