During my pregnancy I tried to stay as active as possible & I always knew I wanted to get back to exercising as soon as possible once my baby was born, and thanks to Speedbump Activewear I am ready to.

Speedbump OutfitThere are so many benefits to getting back into exercise after having a baby.

For me I knew it would help to keep me feeling sane. Looking after a newborn is tough. Raging hormones and sleep deprivation can be killer. Exercise helps. It can lead to increased energy levels and improve post natal recovery. But I know from experience it’s not always that easy. For the first 3 months of Emilia’s life walking has been my only exercise. But pushing a pram is hard work trust me.

Speedbump VestIt’s always best to wait until after your 6 week post natal check before beginning to exercise again.

But don’t worry if it takes you longer to feel up to it, walking & fresh air are perfect to start with. Now Emilia is 3 months old I’m really wanting to get back into exercising. I’ve looked into some baby yoga classes that mean I can take Emilia along & then home workouts will be top of my list to begin with. And I’ve listed some of my fitness goals in my previous 18 goals for 2018 post here. It’s important to be realistic about what you can achieve though and how quickly. Never compare yourself to others. No matter how fit you were before pregnancy birth takes it toll on our bodies. Your back and core may be weaker, and relaxin levels are still high. So we need to be careful with our joints and avoid over stretching.

Speedbump LeggingsUnfortunately as we don’t all spring back into shape as soon as baby is out, maternity wear is brilliant for postpartum exercise. And Speedbump maternity activewear is perfect.

It looks stylish and doesn’t immediately say maternity wear but it’s also really comfortable. I can imagine it would be amazing when pregnant as well, I wish I’d found it sooner. It would definitely support your bump, and stretch to fit until the end of your pregnancy. The stretchy fit is perfect for walking or running. And the fabric holds its shape meaning they don’t fall down when doing any high impact HIIT training. I’ve tested them out! They are made of a great material as well so definitely don’t go see through, perfect for yoga. All 3 of those our exercise I can’t wait to get back to, so Speedbump activewear is going to come in very useful!

*I was very kindly offered some Speedbump Activewear to review however all views are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information*

*Please ensure you speak to your GP, Midwife or health visitor before exercising after birth*