It’s taken me a long time to find the time to write this post. Life with a newborn has been a little crazy! But I wanted to document & share my birth story so here goes.

If you’ve followed me for a while you will know we were doing (and> still are) house renovations right up until our baby was born. So I have to admit to being pretty unorganised and> when Emilia decided to make an appearance at 39 weeks it was a little chaotic. I’d only half packed my hospital bags, and> although I had thought through a birth plan I hadn’t written it down.

Not only was it a little unexpected as I’d had no signs she was ready to join us my labour progressed in a way I wasn’t expecting. That unfortunately meant I wasn’t quite in the frame of mind I’d hoped to be in at the start. It was Thursday evening, I’d been to my final Daisy Birthing class & was asleep in bed. It was around midnight when I felt a pop and> a gush of water. This wasn’t like going for a wee it was uncontrollable. I went to the toilet & continued to leak water, staying relatively calm I woke my husband>. After processing what was happening I called the hospital & was advised to go in. After a few checks they confirmed it was my waters breaking. So due to the risk of infection I was booked in for an induction at 9am Saturday & sent home.

During the time we’d spent at the hospital & back home I started to develop what turned out to be contradictions. Period type pains but mostly in my back. As they felt so different to how I expected I didn’t think at this point I was in labour. The hospital didn’t think I was either, hence sending me home.

I began to doubt myself & unfortunately got a little upset. I’d been relatively calm about labour having done Daisy Birthing but unfortunately my labour developed very quickly and> I missed the chance to prepare for the later stages. How was I going to cope with labour if these none/early contractions were so painful. Trying to ride it out at home I then had quite a bit of bleeding. So off we went back to the hospital. Still believing I wasn’t in labour albeit in agony with contractions. I couldn’t walk & hubby had to push me in a wheelchair from the car to triage. Fun times as he almost tipped me out at one point. I did manage to laugh about it though.

I was briefly looked over again but as I’d not eaten or slept the midwives just assumed I was tired. I was put in a room to try and> sleep with a couple of paracetamol. I was really struggling at this point, I couldn’t lie down and> I definitely couldn’t sleep. Then in what seemed like a last minute decision I was examined.

This is when it all kicked into gear, the first thing I heard from the doctor was I can see the head. I panicked, I was already at 8cm and> in full blown labour. After quite a few exclamations of shock from myself and> the hospital staff I was whisked off to the delivery ward. I met the midwife & student midwife who were to deliver my baby and> tried to get prepared. As it all happened so fast Danny didn’t get chance to get my hospital bags out of the car so everything I’d prepared was useless.

Most of my labour passed in a bit of a blur. You definitely go into your own world, and> zone out. A couple of memories I do have are not wanting to get off the bed even though I knew it wasn’t an optimal position. And recognising my midwives accent, she was a fellow Stokie.

I tried gas and> air at this point but didn’t find it helped really. It gave me quite a dry mouth and> made me feel a little sick. I gave up using it and> managed the rest of the labour with no pain relief.

After feeling like my contractions were slowing & getting less intense my Daisy Birthing kicked in. I knew I had to try a different position albeit I just wanted to lie down. I managed with the help of the midwife to get into a better position & was able to start pushing. It was tough and> there was a lot of shouting, getting upset and> declaring I couldn’t do it. We switched positions again onto a birthing stool and> this seemed to really help. And after what seemed like an eternity of she’s almost here she did finally arrive. My mum arrived about an hour before Emilia was born and> along with her and> the support of my husband>, & the amazing midwives I got through it. Although you then have to deal with the after birth, which I struggled with. Almost at the point of having to go for surgery to remove the placenta i managed it. Whilst sitting on the toilet, it’s all so glamorous this child birth lark!

Whilst not glamorous it is incredible. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling when your baby arrives into the world. It’s such a mix of raw emotion, relief, love excitement and> honestly a little fear.

I can’t thank the midwives at Saint Mary’s in Manchester enough they were amazing. With their help and> support Emilia Rose came into the world at 10:50am on the 20th October. I had some skin to skin time with Emilia and> then came the post labour tea and> toast everyone talks about. It was most welcome. I hadn’t really eaten such lunch on the Thursday, I was exhausted. But adrenaline takes over & you just want to be with your baby.

Labour for me was nothing like I expected. And I felt a little robbed of this perfect experience I’d built up in my head. Maybe if the hospital had examined me the first time it may have been different. But all that matters is that Emilia arrived safely and> overall it was a good trouble free labour.

I suppose now the fun really begins, how do you change a nappy then?