The fitness industry can be a confusing place. It is a massive industry and> sadly there are so many attempts to capitalise on our insecurities. Whether it’s weight loss, increasing muscle mass or simply trying to improve your body it can be hard to fight through the sea of misleading information.  As they all play on a perceived image of fitness.  Search google images for the word fitness and> you’ll see what I mean.  This means that we believe to be fit and> healthy we have to aspire to look like these images.

Over the years my idea of fitness has changed so much.  And yes at certain points it has been dictated by images in the media.  Striving for abs, and> visible definition.  But as I’ve developed personally and> professionally as a Personal Trainer it has changed to focus more on health.  I want to work with my body to become stronger and> fitter, and> more capable of doing every day tasks.  Especially as I prepare to become a parent.  Being able to run round with my kids, and> enjoy playing sports with them is so important to me.  I wrote about functional fitness recently and> this is exactly what I am refering to in this post. Continuing to enjoy my life injury free as I get older.  And the number on the scales, and> the perceived images of fitness don’t mean as much to me anymore.

Its important therefore to focus on what fitness means to you and> not just what the media tells you it means. Think about how being fitter and> healthier could benefit you? What could you do if you were fitter? Would it mean you be able to run around with your kids more? Or maybe it would mean you could do daily tasks without the risk of getting injured? It doesn’t have to be anything massive, just something that you can focus on to get you past all the confusing information around.