As we battle through autumn, with the weather getting colder and> the nights shorter I always feel our motivation to exercise tends to waiver.  I talked about this in my recent post all about my AUTUMN FITNESS TIPS. But regardless of the time of year some people will always find excuses not to get healthier.  Not even weight loss or strength, but just generally getting healthier. People will always find an excuse or a barrier as to why they can’t exercise more. the ones I hear most often are, I don’t have time, I don’t like exercise or I don’t know how to exercise or eat right. So I am going to address them! And trust me when I say regardless of your situation there is always a way.

Excuses TimeI don’t have time to exercise!

I think this is probably the excuse I hear the most, and> I get it.  If you are focusing on getting to the gym for an hour 3 or 4 times a week then yes you may not have time.  I used to work in a gym and> couldn’t always find the time to exercise 4 hours a week.  But you don’t need to, and> you don’t even need a gym.  There are so many quick home workouts you can do, and> all it takes is 20 minutes.. And even if dedicating 20 minutes feels too much you can spread your workout throughout the day.  Get off the bus a stop earlier, walk in your lunchhour, park further away from the shop.  All these little things add up to a more active life, and> a healthier you!

I don’t like exercise!

Another one I hear often, I don’t like the gym or I hate running for example.  Well then don’t do them.  There are so many ways to get active, if you are constantly saying you don’t enjoy it then you haven’t found the workout for you.  Dance Classes, Yoga, Tennis, Football, Cycling, Circuit training, HIIT the list is endless.  You just need to be getting your heart rate up and> having fun.  And if you genuinely feel that nothing structured is for you, then walk! Walk more, walk further, use your commute. It’s not just about sweating it out in the gym, it’s about being a healthier you!

Excuses to eat wellI dont know how to exercise! (or eat well)

Why overcomplicate things?  Yes lifting weights is great but if you don’t know how to do it properly it’s not the only way to keep fit and> healthy.  If you want to try it enlist the help of a professional but if you don’t thats OK.  We all know how to walk, so again without wanting to sound like a broken record just walk more. And whilst I appreciate the diet industry makes eating well complicated, again just keep it simple.  Eat more real food, vegetables, fruit, nuts, unprocessed meats and> cut the crap, like processed foods.

As with any of these excuses, it is important to make small changes you can live with. So often people fail because they feel they have to do too much too quickly.  If you can walk more, and> eat more vegetables you are making a start.  And whilst there will be occasions your motivation drops, just keep working on those small changes, and> you’ll get big results.

What excuses do you tend to use for avoiding exercising and> eating well? I would love to hear from you and> maybe together we can break down your barriers.