I finally finished work on Friday at 36 weeks.  Although the little one could come at any time theoretically I have 4 weeks or so to get ready for her arrival.  4 weeks feels like such a long time, but I was definitely ready to finish.  The early mornings, long days and> general feeling of uncomfortableness was getting too much.  I want to stay productive during this time, and> still have lots of preparation to do but I also want to relax so I have lots of ideas for my maternity leave


Most people’s advice for maternity leave seems to focus on sleeping.  And I’m not one to go against advice like this. However I do have quite a set sleep routine and> I don’t actually want to disrupt it too much.  There will definitely be more lie ins, and> possibly even some afternoon naps.  I want to be productive however and> not get too lazy during this time.


Although I will no longer have access to the gym I will be keeping up with my exercise.  My plan is to walk down into the local village a couple of times a week, possibly go swimming and> I’ll be doing some body weight workouts at home too. Moving in the later stages of pregnancy is great, so as long as I’m up to it I’ll be exercising.

Organise the house

Whilst the bulk of the renovations work on our house are completed there is still be lots to do.  And the more we can get done before her arrival the better.  A good clean will be in order and> getting things like carpets, curtains and> blinds installed.  As well as putting finishing touches to the house and> finally make it more of a home for us.

Final Baby Prep

As we have been doing so much work on the house baby prep has been lacking a little.  Hopefully I will have enough time to get myself more organised before she arrives.  I would love to have her nursery ready, and> have somewhere to store all the bits we have for her.  I need to make sure we have everything we need and> that our hospital bags are all ready.  Definitely one of the first jobs on the list.  I am also going to batch cook some meals ready for when we have a newborn and> no time to cook!


It can’t all be baby prep and> house stuff so I also want to fill my time with fun stuff I rarely get to do.  Lunch with friends, seeing family, duvet days watching old films and> reading more.  As we’ve been without an oven for so long I can’t wait to spend time cooking and> baking as well.

What were your maternity leave plans? Any tips of things I should be doing?