So we officially moved into Autumn last week, and> there has definitely been a change in the weather. It’s a little colder and> a little darker which may see your motivation levels drop. The days are shorter and> the chilly evenings may have you reaching for the comfort food.  But Autumn can be a great time to start a new routine and> re-energise yourself.

Autumn FitnessWorkout at Home

We all know that the shorter days of Autumn mean we feel like we can fit less into the day.  And may not be feeling getting out of bed for a dark cold run outside or to head to the gym.  So why not schedule in some home workouts.  There is so much you can do at home. A 20 minute HIIT session is perfect or invest in some small bits of kit to ramp up you workouts.

Layer Up

If home workouts aren’t for you and> you do want to stick to your outdoor workout then make sure you layer up. Invest in some breathable moisture wicking clothing and> maybe a hat.  Hats are also great for this time of year as your lose a lot of your heat through your head so keeping your head warm can be a great option.  Be aware that although you may feel chilly at first, you will warm up quickly.  So don’t overdress, save some layers for the even colder winter months.

Try something new.

Have a look in the local area for some classes that may take your fancy.  Adult dance classes, yoga even boxing, I’m sure they’ll be lots of options.  It’s an opportunity to try something new, and> switch up your routine.  But more importantly they are inside, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing.

Autumn WalksIf you’re anything like me the move into Autumn can be tough.  I love Summer and> am not a fan of the colder months.  But don’t let that stop you staying active.  And if all else fails, why not just wrap up and> get outside.  Enjoy the changes Autumn brings and> the crunch of leaves underfoot.