I have made it to 35 weeks, and> with only a week left of work I thought I would update you on the previous few weeks of my pregnancy.  Hitting the third trimester definitely makes everything feel a lot closer.  Even though you still have a while to go it’s the last stretch.  And time to start really focusing on the arrival of your little one.

Third TrimesterThe third trimester hasn’t been too bad for me so far.  I am starting to feel the strain at work, and> generally feel very tired but other than that I am doing OK. I am often uncomfortable, and> achey but who knows if that is my living situation or pregnancy.  Dealing with the final stages of pregnancy whilst doing up a house probably wasn’t my smartest move! I also managed to get some tablets on prescription for my heartburn which have helped massively.  I didn’t realise how much the heartburn was getting me down, and> adding to my discomfort. It was getting constant, and> Gaviscon just wasn’t working anymore. Since starting the tablets I have only had odd mild symptoms.  My feet have started to swell a little bit now as well which isn’t fun.  My trainers are tight so roll on maternity leave and> slippers!

In terms of the baby everything seems to be on track with my midwife appointments.  I am having to have some extra tests done at the hospital however.  The platelet levels in my blood have dropped which may have some implications for delivery but hopefully nothing too serious.  They are monitoring it, and> trying to find the cause so hopefully I’ll have some more information soon.

Third Trimester EssentialsI have also finally started to do some preparation for our Baby Girls arrival.  I have a hospital bag semi packed.  It is in our storage unit at the moment but I have the essentials ready. Luckily the unit is right at the end of our road, and> the supplies are right at the front of our box.  I didn’t fancy getting it all covered in building dust and> smelly. This was a good compromise. I will do a full post on what I’ve packed soon!

I am looking forward to finishing work now though.  I can hopefully get our house ready, and> spend some time realaxing and> sleeping.   Lots more to do and> time is running out!