So you may or may not know that after moving house my husband> and> I have embarked on a huge house renovation.  It has meant that we have been without a proper kitchen now for about a month.  Basically we have a small fridge and> a microwave. But our whole house has been a building site so cooking was out of the question really.  Being pregnant I was super conscious of staying healthy and> making sure I get some good nutrition during this process.  It is not always easy but here are some of my top tips for healthy living without a kitchen.

Store food/eat at work

Although I work in a gym, I have a small locker and> fridge space available. I have tried therefore to store healthy snacks, and> at least breakfast here.  I am sticking to my usual granola and> yoghurt, although I am now onto shop bought.  I try to buy the healthier options.  Depending on your circumstances you may be able to keep your breakfast fairly similar and> equally healthy.

Snack on Fruit

I also make sure we have lots of fruit around. Anything that deosn’t need to be in the fridge – apples, oranges, bananas, stock up.  I also still try and> start my day with a smoothie, shop bought again but I try and> go for the fruit only ones.  Maybe Innocent or I like the Savse smoothies as well. At least I know if my meals aren’t as full of goodness  as usual I am getting some nutrients in.

HealthyChoose Healthier options

A few times we have gone out for meals, but mostly we have been buying ready meals.  Ready Meals have a bit of a bad reputation but if you look around there are some better options.  We have mainly been going for the Marks and> Spencer Balanced for you range. They tend to have multi buy offers on them as well so they don’t break the bank.  The range is high in protein with balanced nutritious carbohydrates. Most of them contain at least one of your five a day as well.  If we do go out to eat, yes occasionally we indulge, it is hard renovating a house you know.  But I will usually try to pick a healthier option or add some extra vegetables, most restaurants will accommodate requests.


I am taking pregnancy recommended vitamins anyway but if you feel like your diet may be lacking in some nutrients you could always supplement with a multi vitamin. I would normally recommend you get your vitamins and> minerals from food but sometimes it isn’t that straightforward.

Family & Friends

We have tried to spend the weekends eating with friends or family, and> encouraging them to cook healthy nutritious meals for us. So if you can call on friends and> family do so. You could even get them to batch cook for you and> replace some ready meals with their homemade versions.

Living without a kitchen is tough as we are so used to modern conveniences. The strain of living in what is essential a building site does get to you.  And I often find myself wanting comfort food.  But with a little thought you can keep on healthy living and> keep your energy levels up for all the work!