So if you’ve been following my pregnancy journey you will know I am not it’s biggest fan. If you haven’t been so far just know when I say I’m not a fan, means mostly I hate it.  Morning Sickness, Heartburn, back ache it has all meant that pregnancy has not been a pleasant experience for me. However having said that, there are some nice things about being pregnant. I don’t actually hate it all. So I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.  It’s all about balance you know!

Pregnancy is actually an amazing thing.  It is incredible just what our bodies can do.  How they can adapt and> change to accommodate this new life.  Being able to see and> feel your baby moving in your tummy is an awesome feeling. It makes you see and> appreciate your body in a whole new way.  And as a woman it is great to take the focus away from aesthetics.  Everything is about keeping that baby safe, and> looking after yourself and> your body becomes so much more important than looks.

It is pretty tiring however growing a new life. It is the perfect excuse to rest more, and> even nap.  Which of course is a massive bonus. During the first 12 weeks napping became part and> parcel of my day, I was shattered. As mentioned before looking after yourself when pregnant is super important, so use it as a license to focus on you more.  We are all guilty of letting relaxation and> rest take a back seat.  Book a pregnancy massage, rest, nap, skip the chores – it may be the last chance you get!

Whilst eating for two is a myth, in the final trimester you do need a few extra calories. Roughly around 200 more.  So in comes the cake replacement diet, and> it is midwife recommended. As pregnancy progresses you may find eating larger meals gets difficult.  My portion sizes have almost halved, and> so it is difficult to get enough calories in.  When I mentioned this to my midwife yep she recommended cake. And I love cake, lemon drizzle, chocolate, red velvet even a classic Victoria sponge.  You name it I like it.  So a little extra cake can never be a bad thing!

I have also found pregnancy is great for bringing out the good in people.  It is lovely to see people care.  Giving up seats on the tube, or when waiting for a table in Nand>o’s.  It makes me smile, and> I realise there are still a lot of good people in the world.  People who genuinely care.  So maybe pregnancy isn’t all bad hey?

What’s  your favourite thing about being pregnant?