Around four years ago I decided to give up my full time job in travel and> set up my own business as a Personal Trainer.  It was a tough decision to make, I didn’t dislike my job and> I loved the people I worked with.  But I wanted more.  After losing weight myself and> finding a passion for health and> fitness I wanted to try and> turn that passion into a career. I’ve worked hard over the last four years to build up a successful business and> as I will soon be taking a break for Baby Calter I decided to reflect on life as a PT.

There is often a flawed perception of Personal Trainers, and> the industry.  Whether that relates to the perceived glamour of Personal Training or the misunderstand>ing that we are paid to workout, which trust me we’re not.  Or shouldn’t be! Or the  idea that we are all cowboys, with no real understand>ing of training and> nutrition.  And that basically we just wing it.  The real value of a good Personal Trainer is often overlooked.  For me becoming a Personal Trainer was all about helping people.  I knew from my own experiences how tough it is to be unhappy with your body.  And how hard it is to find the right information to make the best changes for you.

Personal Trainng is far from glamourous, 5am alarms are the norm and> 13/14 hour days are not unusual. I have slowed down a lot now but a usual day for me starts at 6am or 7am if I’m lucky.  After a couple of early morning clients I usually schedule a break for my own workouts and> breakfast. Then more clients late morning and> over lunchtime, before another break before evening clients from 4/5pm. I have always tried not to work past 8pm but when it’s your own business and> you have clients to fit in you have to sometimes.  It can be hard to always stay motivated from your first to your last client, especially if you are tired or not 100%.

The benefits far out way the negatives though and> I will be so sad to leave my clients in a couple of weeks.  The reward you get from seeing your clients progress is amazing.  Whether it be setting new PB’s, losing weight or just gaining confidence it makes the long days worth it.  One of my longest stand>ing clients for example has changed beyond recognition since training with me. She was scared of the gym and> extremely unfit when she first came to me.  She had no confidence and> struggled to make it up the stairs in the gym.  Now she smashes a 45 minute session and> hand>les anything I throw at her. She is confident enough to hit the gym on her own for sessions, and> I am so proud of her.  Helping people to feel fitter, and> learn to love exercise is a good job to have.

Personal Training can be a big investment, a worthwhile investment yes but still a big investment in yourself.  You need to know that the trainer you pick has your best interests at heart.  And understand>s your situation. That was something that was always important for me to get across to clients.  And I have been so lucky to build up a great family of clients, and> a lot that have trained with me for years now.  It will be hard to say goodbye but I’ll be back. And am already looking forward to  hopefully working with mums to be and> new mums in the future. Watch this space!