There are so many pregnancy products around it can be hard to know where to start. I am the sort of person that gets sucked into hype so have bought lots of things I probably don’t need but that means I can share my favourite pregnancy essentials with you! From skincare, through to clothing and> even other bloggers, I hope you find this useful.

Pregnancy Essentials SkincareSkincare

Every since my wedding I have used Dermalogica products on my skin, and> I love them. I have been lucky that after some initial breakouts my skin has been relatively clear.  Therefore I have stuck to my usual regime throughout, but have taken additional care looking after the skin on my body. I have been using specific creams on my bump to help prevent stretch marks, my favourite being the Mama Bee range. I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of their products and> I love them.  Another great budget option is Re-Gen Cream.  I have used this on my bump after sampling it previously, read more about that one HERE. The Mama Bee range is amazing, I also love the body oil and> their leg and> foot cream.  The leg and> foot cream is a godsend after a busy day on my feet. I would highly recommend it, and> maybe ask your other half to rub it in!


Before finding out I was pregnant I was taking folic acid, as it is recommended when trying to conceive. But since finding Pregnancy Essentials Vitaminsout I was pregnant I switched to pregnancy vitamins. Although I eat a healthy diet, it is recommended to supplement with certain minerals and> is not something to skip.  I used a range of different brand>s as I found certain ones give me heartburn, more about that later.  I tried Pregnacare, Seven Seas and> Superdrugs own brand>. The best for heartburn were probably Seven Seas but none completely eliminated the symptoms. So due to the heartburn after 12 weeks I moved to taking Vitamin D and> Folic Acid seperatley although I do still suffer. So to my next point…


It is a godsend and> definitely one of my top pregnancy essentials.  Once I realised it was heartburn I was suffering with and> that Gaviscon helped I am never without it. I use the Double Action tablets, and> the original liquid.  I take the tablets everywhere with me, and> use the liquid through the night as I find it works quicker.and> is easier to take. Gaviscon is suitable in pregnancy so no worries there either!

Pregnancy Essentials LeggingsClothing

Maternity wear is not cheap, there are some better value options but even then it is more expensive than normal clothing. I have therefore tried to avoid overbuying maternity wear.  2 clothing items I consider pregnancy essentials and> did buy are jeans, leggings, oh and> some new workout wear. Jeans are a wardrobe staple and> mine were getting so uncomfortable, after a recommendation from the lovely SpamellaB I went to H&M. I also grabbed some plain black leggings from there, for £9 you can’t go wrong. They are great for under dresses and> jumpers in the winter, comfort is everything.  In terms of workout gear I was able to stay in my usual kit up until about 26 weeks. But from then on it just became uncomfortable so I invested in a pair of BumpFit leggings. They are amazing, I can use them for work and> training. Lovely thick material so not seethrough at all.  They make training so much easier, as I’m comfortable.

Pregnancy Essentials BooksBooks

I have got through a few books, I love reading and> it’s fun learning more about pregnancy, birth and> parenting. I will be doing a whole post on the books I found most useful. But 2 of my favourites are “The Positive Birth Book” by Milli Hill and> “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” by Giovanna Fletcher.  I also got some books for my hubby which he has enjoyed reading, “Pregnancy for Men” and> “Command>o Dad”.  Look out for more on my upcoming post.


Pregnancy Essentials - Community

I think it is so important to have other mums/mums to be around you, whether that be friends or family or through an online community. And I consider other mums to be one of my pregnancy essentials. It is great to be able to catch up, ask questions and> know others are going through similar things as you.  I am lucky to have a few friends going through pregnancy at the same time as me, and> others who have recently had babies. Also my sister has 2 young children and> teaches antenatal classes so she is a fabulous person to have around. However I love reading other people’s blogs and> their perspectives on pregnancy and> motherhood.  A quick shoutout to some of my faves,  Holly Goes Lightly, Alice Spake, Rachael Claire and> Fizzy Peaches.  There are so many lovely bloggers and> a great online community. I could write about them all day but these are some fab ladies to follow if you don’t already.

So there you go, some essentials that have definitely helped me get through the past 7 months.  Have you got any must have pregnancy essentials?