I was always going to be a Daisy Foundation Mum.  My sister started teaching their classes a couple of years ago and> one of my best friends now teaches them.  Luckily in the area where I have just moved to.  I will be honest however I was a little skeptical about the benefits of antenatal classes, and> found the idea of them a little odd. But they really are a great way to prepare yourself for labour and> the birth of your baby.

Daisy FoundationThe Daisy Foundation Way

Daisy Birthing Antenatal classes are offered as a 6 week course, and> are for women only.  They do also have a parenting class which your partner can attend however I have only done the Birthing classes.  Daisy Birthing promotes an active antenatal method focusing on your breath, body and> movement.  They also believe in educating women about their choices, and> what to expect throughout labour and> birth. The Daisy Foundation website calls their classes the complete mind, body and> practical preparation system.

Daisy Birthing – The classes

The classes are split into sections including Yoga based movements, education and> relaxation.  The yoga based movements are repeated each week and> additional movements added throughout the weeks. I love how there is a real purpose to the movements, and> how they are designed to help you through pregnancy and> your labour.  They also combine the movements with different breathing techniques to aid each stage of labour.  You learn about using your breath as a tool for labour and> how to breathe effectively. Daisy do also cover traditional antenatal eduction in their classes.  They make it easy to understand> more about labour and> medical inductions/interventions should you need them.  And last but not least Daisy really highlight the importance of relaxation.  Each class is finished with a tailored relaxation session and> it is great to have that short period of time to focus on yourself and> your baby.

Daisy Birthing MoveWhy I love Daisy Birthing

Whilst you may think there is some bias in my opinion there really isn’t. I genuinely love the classes. I actually expected Daisy Birthing to be a little bit preachy if I am honest.  Pushing certain birth options as the only way to have positive experience but I was so wrong.  Daisy is all about informing your choices and> preparing you for labour.  Educating you about your options whatever birth option you choose. I actually didn’t know much about my options and> hadn’t even considered writing a birth plan. I was of the mind-set that I can’t control anything so why bother trying. But Daisy has taught me so much. I feel so much more prepared for labour. And even include some of the moves into my own workouts now. And   aswith all antenatal classes you may find you make some great new mum to be friends along the way.

I’ve loved the course so much I am hoping I can fit another one in before my little girl arrives. If you are considering antenatal classes then check out The Daisy Foundation. You won’t regret it.

There are Daisy Foundation classes across the country you can check out their website to find classes close to you.  I took my friend Alex’s classes in the Salford and> North West Manchester region. So if you are in the Swinton, Worsley or Monton area of Manchester check out her classes.  Or my sister teaches in the Crewe, Nantwich and> Sand>bach area of Cheshire, you can check out her page here.

*This post was not sponsored in any way.  I paid for the classes and> just wanted to share how great they are with you*