Ok so maybe I don’t hate it as such but so many things infuriate me about the fitness industry.  The constant fads, the contradictions, the incessant need to be striving for more.   Transformation photos, balance, booty gains all these thing drive me mad.  They often leave the average gym goer feeling like what they do isn’t good enough or that they have to be tracking macros and> training like a beast to be seen to be serious.  Here are the things that annoy me the most about our industry.

Protein ShakeFad Diets/Products

One thing I really can’t stand> is fads. And one of my biggest pet hates at the moment is high protein snacks.  Yes we need protein in our diet when we train, but a high protein Mars bar is still a Mars Bar.  It’s not healthier, it’s not better for you.  If you want a Mars Bar eat a Mars Bar.  If you usually have a protein shake after a workout but want the hit from a treat like chocolate bar go for it.  But don’t think that just because you ate a protein Mars instead of a normal one it’s better for you. These products have their place but don’t just fall for the hype.

Trand srcset=ormation Photos” width=”226″ height=”150″ />Transformation Photos

Don’t get me wrong I love a transformationtuesday as much as the next person, but sometimes they infuriate me. Certain people use extreme transformations to sell (often very expensive) training programmes and> they create unrealistic expectations. They often promote quick fixes and> short term results.  Usually these plans are extremely strict, and> yes if you stick to them you will see results.  But are they really sustainable?  Will you be able to keep up the extreme restrictions for the rest of your life? Possibly, possibly not and> again these strict plans do have their place.  But before you get sucked in decide what you want.  If you want to look and> feel better quickly and> are willing to put in the work go for it.  If you want  to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle for yourself then maybe try something different.


There are so many contradictions in the fitness industry. If you followed every bit of advice you’d never eat anything, and> have to train 100 times a week to fit all the different workouts in.  Cut carbs, no eat carbs, gluten is evil nope bread is good. Weight training is the best, but oh so is HIIT. Don’t forget the heart healthy low intensity cardio, run, walk oh and> stretch too. Yoga is great! It is about finding what is best for you and> your body.  If you have a gluten intolerance for example then yes cut out gluten, but otherwise you can eat bread and> any other carbs for that matter.  And when it comes to exercise do what you enjoy, whether that is weights, yoga, running, cycling or zumba.  Just do something.

So this is not an exhaustative list, but just a bit of fun to show you some of the pitfalls of the diet and> fitness industry.  Don’t always follow the crowd and> believe everything you read.  It is important to find what works for you, your body and> most importantly your goals.

Do you have a pet hate about the fitness industry? I’d love to hear from you!