Adequate hydration is important for everyone but hydration in pregnancy has extra important.  We need water to stay healthy, our bodies need water to function propertly.  Although there are no official guidelines on how much to drink when pregnant it is generally recommended that you consume a little more than usual. Your body needs more water to cope with the demand>s of your changing body. And water helps ensure nutrients reach your baby.  Thirst is your bodies way of telling you that you need to drink.  You are already a little dehydrated by the time thirst kicks in so never ignore this signal.

Hydration in pregnancy

Hydration in Pregnancy – The Benefits

Dehydration in pregnancy can lead to complications, such as headaches, nauseau, cramps and> in the third trimester it can cause preterm labour.  Drinking water can also help relieve some of those unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, heartburn and> indigestion.  Being properly hydrated may also help prevent urinary infections which can be common in pregnancy.  It also helps ease constipation, and> water retention.  The more water you drink the less you retain.

Why Aqua Carpatica?

Hydration in Pregnancy Aqua CarpaticaWhen pregnant you are conscious of everything you put in your body.  And whilst most water is safe to drink, on occasion it may get contaminated.  So ideally you want to know the water you are drinking is as natural as possible.  Aqua Carpatica is just that.  An all natural mineral water, bottled at spring in Romania.  It is naturally sodium free, low nitrate and> also has a low mineral content. All this makes it great for expectant mothers and> young children. Not only is Aqua Carpatica all natural it tastes great too.  It has a clean and> refreshing taste, with no nasty aftertaste. Ideal when you need to keep hydrated throughout the day.  They also do a sparkling water which I love.  It makes a refreshing change to drinking plain water all day.  And the packaging is super smart as well.

Aqua Carpatica is avaliable from Ocado, Amazon, Harrods, Whole Foods Market, As Nature Intended and> over a number of independent outlets throughout the UK.  And it retails at a similar price to other bottled water.  You can find out more on their website Aqua Carpatica.

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