For many the second trimester is the best time of pregnancy.  The sickness stops and> you get some energy back.  But for me the second trimester whilst not as bad as the first has not been great either.  I will be honest, I am not a fan of pregnancy.  I love my little girl so much already but I would be lying if I said I found pregnancy an enjoyable experience.

Second Trimester pregnancyYes the sickness subsided, as has the extreme fatigue but these symptoms have only been replaced by smaller niggles. Heartburn, back ache, sleeping issues, and> as my bump grows I just feel more and> more uncomfortable.  I haven’t had any major issues, it is just the constant feeling of discomfort that I find difficult. Gaviscon is my new best friend! And as the trimester progresses I am finding new “joys” emerge, lower back pain, leg cramps and> sleeping are becoming more and> more difficult.  I have never been a fan of sleeping on my side but managed to switch to this early on in my pregnancy. But now sleeping on my side is causing hip pain, and> my arm goes numb. It’s a vicious circle.  If I am not peeing or sipping Gaviscon I am trying to switch sides or move position.

The second trimester does have its positive side though, I don’t want to sound too negative after all. I am managing to exercise more, and> definitely do have more energy generally. Also it’s during this trimester when you are likely to feel your baby move for the first time. Trust me when I say it is magical.  Throughout the trimester their movements get stronger and> stronger. I love being able to see my tummy move and> feel her kicking away. But it does bring the added worry of reduced movements, and> my little bundle of joy definitely has quiet and> active days so I am never quite sure if I should be worried.  Although usually as I get to the point where I may be close to calling the midwife she gives me a few friendly little jabs to tell me she’s OK.

Second Trimester ScanThe second trimester also means another scan, and>  being able to hear the heart beat for the first time.  I find listening to her heartbeat incredible, it gets me much more emotionally than the scans.  My midwife checked the heartbeat at both 16 and> 25 weeks.  The 20 week scan was amazing however as you get to see more than at 12 weeks. And if you want to you can usually find out the gender.  You can read more about our choice here.  Knowing the baby is progressing well at this point and> there are no issues is a huge relief.

Sadly I know things are unlikely to get better at this point, but as I move into the third trimester I know I am getting so close to meeting my baby girl.  And that thought is what gets me through!