If you are anything like me baby shopping feels like a mine field. I thought I had an idea but when I started looking into what we needed I just got so confused. Cots, Moses Baskets, travel systems, swaddling all this just baffled me. So when someone recommended the John Lewis Nursery Service I jumped on it.  It’s a complimentary service and> they talk you through everything you need.  They offer 2 services, the one we went for was Getting Ready for Baby.  The next one they do is more about the next steps.

It’s all about you!

Whilst they focus on 5 specific areas it is all tailored around you and> how you want to bring up your children. They discuss baby on the move, sleeping, feeding, bath time and> dressing.  And will spend as much or as little time on each as you like.  We were fairly confident with the pram we wanted but it was still great to test it out.  And get advice on possible alternatives.  Our Nursery partner was fabulous, and> explained everything really well.  No question was too stupid, or simple and> I really feel like I left with a much better understand>ing of the must haves and> the nice to haves.  The appointment lasted close to 2 hours, and> was free of charge with no minimum spend.

Nursery List

As part of the consultation you are also registered with a Nursery list.  This is similar to a wedding list.  You add everything you want and> either use it as a checklist or a proper gift list that you can give out to friends/family to buy from. We are using ours more of a checklist as we were totally in the dark about what to buy. But it is good to send to people who ask for ideas. And knowing John Lewis always check and> match competitor deals is great as you know you’ll be getting the best value.

I left John Lewis feeling so much more prepared for our little girl’s arrival.  There was no pressure to buy anything or add specific items to the list, it was all down to us.  Great service from John Lewis, I would highly recommend it to all new parents.