If you are anything like me getting stuck in a food rut can be a common occurrence. Quite often the hubby and> I will end up circulating through the same 3 or 4 meals. These may be different from the last time but generally they end up being stir fry, bolognaise, salmon and>  maybe curry. It eventually gets boring and> we try and> vary our food.  Variety is the spice of life as they say.  If this happen to you or you are stuck in a rut now, then this post may help!

Food Rut CookbookFor me one of the biggest reasons I end up in a food rut is ease.  Long days and> late nights mean alack of time and> energy to experiment. If this is the same for you think about using your weekends to experiment.  Once you’ve mastered a new recipe you’ll be able to whip it up in the week no problem.  With that in mind dig out your old cookbooks and> look for some new inspiration. When I get a new cookbook I make a few recipes and> then it gets left to gather dust.  Every so often I’ll get them out again and> find something new to try. Two of my favourites which I have written about before include the Body Coach books, which are usually super simple quick meals (I do tend to modify them a bit as per my previous post here.) and> Zanna Van Dijk’s Strong book, again you can read more here.

Food Rut SpicesAnother way to easily mix up your meals is to change the spices. Simple. If you always have bolognaise, with just a few extra ingredients and> spices you could turn it easily into Chilli or cottage pie. Dig out some old spics and> have a play around. You may just find a new combination/meal you love.  It may also be a way of exploring new cuisine.  If you have always loved Thai food or Mexican for example but have never tried it at home why not give it a go. Again you may find a simple way to recreate some of your favourite meals at home!

And one of the best ways of mixing up meals/diet is to think seasonal. I always find myself loving new potatoes again when Jersey Royal season comes round. Around this time of year you can experiment with Lamb, Courgette, Sea Bass, Strawberries, Mackerel and> so many more options.  There may be something you rarely eat but love that you can try and> incorporate into a new meal. Or you may end up trying something totally new no loving it.

Are you in a food rut? What are your favourite ways to add a bit of variety to your diet?