You may have seen my previous post about Bali Health Lounge in Manchester, and> how much I loved it, if not you can read it here. My Dad did however read my post, and> treated myself, my mum and> my sister to some gift vouchers for Christmas. At the time I wasn’t pregnant but fell pregnant not long after, so I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to use them.  But the lovely guys at Bali Health Lounge do offer pregnancy friendly treatments so I was able to book in a little pregnancy pampering.

I would be lying if I said my overriding feelings towards pregnancy are positive.  Overall I don’t find it an enjoyable experience, and> have found it tough. Whilst I suffered alot in the first trimester and> the second trimester has been better I still find I have a lot of niggles and> unpleasant symptoms. But however you find pregnancy a bit of pampering is always nice, and> specific pregnancy related treatments can be perfect.

Pregnancy Pampering Massage Bed The benefits of Pregnancy Massage

One of the treatments included in our package was a massage. And the main one to be adapted for pregnancy.  Now I am always a fan of massages, but when pregnant they take on a whole new level.  Pregnancy is tough on our bodies. Aches and> pains can become common place as our bodies change. So taking the chance to pamper yourself is important. It can help relieve aches and> pains, and> reduce stress on your joints.  It may also help improve your sleep, and> give you an enhanced feeling of relaxation.  The biggest thing for me was allowing myself time to relax, and> to have some time focusing on me.  It is not often we take the time to take a step back but this becomes even more important during pregnancy.

Pregnany Pampering – The Treatments

The previous massage I had at Bali Health Lounge was amazing so I was looking forward to the pregnancy option. My therapist was really friendly, and> explained the process to me.  It was different to a normal massage in that I was lying on my side. My therapist made sure I was super comfy with lots of cushions for support perfect for my pregnant body. The massage was so relaxing, and> not too much pressure which was ideal for me.

Pregnancy Pampering Spa 2Also included in our package was a facial and> pedicure. The facial was fabulous, I went for a resurfacing treatment which was recommended by my therapist.  And included lots of lovely products and> a face mask. This treatment is good for uneven skin tones which I do have, and> my skin has felt great since.  And I myself have felt rejuvenated overall.

And finally the pedicure which always feel super indulgent I think. It is definitely something I will continue having throughout my pregnancy.  My feet take a bit of a battering. I am on them most of the day and> as pregnancy can cause water retention and> swollen ankles, giving them some love is a great way to relax.

If you are feeling tired and> stressed during pregnancy, or suffering from aches and> pains you should definitely look into a little you time.  Our bodies work hard to create life, and> they deserve a break.