Whilst I wouldn’t say I’m a massive drinker, I do enjoy the odd drink. And I am not ashamed to say that it is something I’ve missed during pregnancy. It is the small things that I miss like a beer on the beach on holiday or a G&T in the sun. Sometimes lemonade just doesn’t cut it.  I have therefore sought out some alcohol free alternatives and> overall I’ve been quite impressed.  So I have decided to share my favourites with you.

Alcohol Free BeerAlcohol Free Beer/Cider

I first discovered this on holiday, boy do they know how to do alcohol free alternatives in Spain.  It is available everywhere, including shops, bars and> restaurants.  My favourite was either San Miguel or Estrella Damm, I’ve not seen the Estrella anywhere for sale in this country sadly but you can get San Miguel. And it honestly tastes like you are having a beer.  I have also recently tried the Brew Dog Nanny State which is available in supermarkets here, which both me and> my hubby enjoyed. It does contain a small amount of alcohol (0.5%) but if you like an ale this may be a good one for you. Another option Alcohol Free Kopperberg, which I haven’t actually tried yet but I definitely will be. I imagine it would be great for summer BBQ’s!

Alcohol Free Wine

I haven’t found this to be as successful to be honest, it doesn’t quite compare to having a proper glass of wine or fizz. Eisberg do some of the best options however, and> they are available in UK supermarkets. They have white, red and> rose options, oh and> sparkly, so there should be something to replace your favourite tipple. It is not that they taste bad, I have just found them to taste more like a soft drink than an alcohol replacement.

Alcohol Free Gin

Now this one was courtesy of one of my clients, as we both enjoy a G&T. This one is from ArKay, and> I definitely felt like I was enjoying a light G&T. You do need a nice tonic, I went for Fevertree but with the right garnishes it was a pleasant drink.  I would definitely enjoy this as an alternative on a summer night in the garden.

Alcohol Free MojitoMocktails

One option that is available in UK bars is mocktails, even if they are not on the menu I have found most places will throw me together a virgin mojito, or another fruity concoction.  This was great for me on a hen do just after I found out I was pregnant. And although they are essentially juice/lemonade the feeling of drinking a cocktail is definitely there with these.

Have you tried any good alcohol free alternatives? I would love to hear your recommendations.