I am absolutely loving all the body positivity around at the moment.  I have read some amazing posts from my fellow fitness bloggers on this topic. So I decided to share my thoughts with you. It genuinely makes me so happy to see women embracing their bodies. Loving them for what they can do, not just what they look like.

Learning to love myself

For me body positivity is something I have been embracing over the past few years. Finally finding a certain level after my wedding. I put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way that I lost all confidence in my body.  I was always striving for more. After following a strict training/diet plan I began to feel that the sacrifices weren’t worth it.  So I put on a few extra pounds, let myself eat that extra slice of pizza and> I felt happier and> more content.

Although I may have what someone would perceive to be a good body I have my own demons.  For example I used to hate the stretch marks I have on my legs, but now I embrace them as part of me.  When my young nephew asked me on holiday recently what they were, I wasn’t embarrassed I just explained what they were and> why I had them.

Personal Training and> Body Positivity

Coming from a Personal Trainer and> fitness blogger this may seem strange. Surely looks and> weight are my business.  But for me fitness is so much more than that. It is about challenging your body, becoming stronger and> healthier.  And as a personal trainer I try not to focus so much on appearances but on how my clients feel.  If they can feel better about themselves and> not become a slave to the scales I am helping them on their own path to body positivity. And I hope to do the same through my blog.

Whilst pregnancy may have knocked my confidence a little bit, I think I am now prouder of what my body can achieve.  Yes it is ever-changing, and> I have little control over that but I am growing life.  And keeping my little daughter safe and> well. So let’s spend less time focusing on how our bodies look, and> more time loving them for what they are and> what they can do!