So you may have seen on my social media I had my 20 week anomaly scan this week.  The main purpose of this scan is to ensure your baby is developing normally rather than to reveal the sex of the baby but at this point the sonographer may be able to see the sex.  And for me this is really exciting.  We did chose to find out the sex of our baby at this scan. Obviously our primary concern is and> always has been the health of the baby.  And knowing your baby is doing well and> developing normally should be your main priority at this point.  But choosing to find out the sex of your baby or not is a huge decision and> I can understand> the dilemma some people face.

Boy or Girl BlueBoy or Girl that is the question!

When discussing this topic the question you get asked the most is do you have a preference. And whilst the main concern as I mentioned is always the health, cliché I know, but I wasn’t sure I did.  Before falling pregnant I had actually always wanted a girl.  I wanted to do the whole dresses and> ballet thing, yes another cliché. However somewhere in my mind I had been feeling the baby may be a boy. And we have addressed bump as He since we found out I was pregnant. The more we have done this the more emotionally attached to the idea of having a boy I think I’ve become. So honestly I think I would have been happy either way.  I genuinely believe when it comes down to it, you are just happy to have a healthy growing baby.

Why we want to find out….

For us there was no real question. We both knew straight away that we wanted to find out and> have never questioned that decision.  For us we feel we will be able to bond more with the baby, and> give them more of an identity and> personality.  I understand> some people don’t feel like this but for us we do.  And as I mentioned above we got into the habit of saying He very quickly.  We inadvertently speak as if the bump is a baby boy, and> I personally wouldn’t want to go through 9 months of this to find out it’s a girl.  I also hate calling my baby It or Bump, it feels so impersonal.  It will be an amazing surprise whenever we find out, and> I don’t feel like it will make the birth any less special.

Boy or Girl PinkFailing to prepare is preparing to Fail…

Now I know the gender is not always 100% and> there have been cases where they have been wrong.  But I think knowing the sex helps you to prepare. Whether you go for an alternative style of pram if it’s a girl, or buy lots of newborn boys clothes you have that option when you know.  I have no issue with generic neutral colours but it would be lovely to have some gender specific items ready to go.  Another huge reason we have found over the past few months is names. Yes we are really struggling to settle on any names, even on a possible short list.  Finding out means we can focus on one gender. Hopefully making the choice a little easier! And this is definitely something we need to plan.

Sex of our Baby ScanIt’s a……..

So as I mentioned we were lucky enough to find out the sex of our baby on Thursday, and> I am happy to reveal Baby Calter is a girl! I will also admit that when it was revealed I was over the moon. So maybe it was what I really wanted deep down after all. Who knows! Everything is as it should be, we are both so happy and> can’t wait to meet our little one.

Did you find out the sex of your baby before birth or did you chose to keep it as a surprise?  I would love to know your thoughts.