I have wondered about writing a post about this for quite a while. As I never publicised the fact that I had stopped taking my pill. But as my pregnancy is now out in the open I thought I’d share this with you. Stopping taking the pill was a rollercoaster, and> affected me in so many ways. 

Pill PacketI actually stopped taking my pill on Christmas Day 2016.  I am not getting any younger and> my husband> and> I had started to think about babies. We thought about it and> decided that rather than specifically setting a date to start trying we would take the approach of not trying to avoid it. I had heard it takes women over a year to get pregnant, and> I was conscious of my age. So the first step was to stop taking my pill.

I have taken the pill for as long as I can remember, at least 15 years. I honestly have no idea how my body feels without it.  I don’t massively remember my periods before I was on the pill, and> so had no idea how my body would react to coming off it. As I do with everything I scrolled the internet finding out about other people’s experiences.  But it is something that can affect people so differently, both positively and> negatively.

Pass me the duvet…

DuvetSadly for me the initial stages were fairly difficult and> I didn’t feel good at all for a couple of weeks. I suffered with almost migraine like headaches, crazy irrational mood swings and> generally feeling unmotivated. I couldn’t make decisions, and> just wanted to hide under my duvet. Tough for someone whose job revolves around motivation.

On top of all this I noticed changes in my physical appearance, my previously clear skin broke out and> I became extremely bloated.  Uncomfortably so.  This only added to me feeling low, and> at times downright miserable.  It was like I was living under a cloud.

And then the fog lifted…

Oddly I actually felt the fog lift, and> my general mood change. Almost 3 weeks after I took my last pill. I was on the treadmill and> just felt a surge of motivation. As I say like a fog had lifted and> I was seeing clearer and> feeling more positive. I still had the odd days where I lost motivation, or felt a little irrational. But my bloating subsided and> my skin started to improve.

My first period after coming off the pill was different to say the least.  I again suffered more bloating but no usual PMS symptoms, no cramping for example and> my period was very light.  It also only really lasted one full day, I had read that this may be the case and> it may take a while for my periods to fully come back.

Nothing and> no one in life is normal..

I wanted to write this post to share my experience for others going through a similar thing to me. Nothing is normal when you stop taking the pill but it is good to know that other people have been through what you have been through.  I only had this short experience as I fell pregnant very quickly.  So that is definitely something to bear in mind.  Although it can take a long time, be prepared for it to happen quickly when you come off the pill.

Have you stopped taking the pill, how did it affect you?