Goals are a major motivator when it comes to exercise and> healthy living.  Everyone has their own reasons for hitting the gym and> eating healthily and> I am not here to judge what they are.  I have been through them all, weight loss, muscle definition, health and> fitness. And they all have their place.  However for me health and> fitness goals will always prevail.  Yes there may be times when looking a certain way motivates me more but I also find I may lose motivation when this is my sole focus.

Weight Gain ScalesMy Goals

When I was younger, and> first ventured into the fitness life my main motivator was weight loss. I was overweight and> unhappy.  I remember my Mum telling me I had to do what made me happy, and> if I wasn’t happy I had to change. And I did, I lost around 4 stone.  But when I hit my goal weight I lost my motivation.  Maintaining my look just didn’t quite have the same edge.

It was then that I first changed my focus to fitness goals.  I started running, and> entered more and> more races.  First 5k races, then 10k and> then after this began to bore me I moved onto triathlons.  I was constantly challenging myself, maintaining my weight and> staying fit.  Then came the weight training, I loved it but it bought about the aesthetic goals again.  I was super focused on getting lean.  I loved the way my changing body looked and> worked harder and> harder to get my perfect body.  This lasted quite a long time, with periods of lost motivation.  I switched to strength focuses and> back again.  After my wedding and> ever since I have mainly focused on health and> fitness as my goals and> I feel so much better.

Goals - FitnessFor me training for health and> fitness gives you those never-ending goals.  

I am not just working out to look better I want to improve myself.  I focus on the things that I love and> improving.  That may be from doing more pull ups, to press ups or running more. Or even just making sure I practice yoga once a week.  I won’t reach a certain weight or clothes size and> not know where to go, as I just readjust my goal.  Add extra weight, run quicker or further, manage a more advanced version of a pose.  These are my favourite motivators.

Obviously for me now as my pregnancy progresses being healthy for myself and> my baby is my main motivator. Maintaining my current fitness levels are enough.  And who knows once Baby Calter is born I may end up back with a more aesthetic focus but I will still always prefer fitness goals.

What do you find motivates you on your health and> fitness journey the most?