So today is my 1st wedding anniversary, and> to celebrate I wanted to share my day with you.  My wedding day was the best day of my life so far.  All the planning and> the stress was definitely worth it. It went better than I ever could have imagined, both my husband> and> I had the most amazing day.  If you read my last wedding posts you’ll have read about planning, and> the build up.  Today is about the day itself.

Walking down the aisle…

Wedding Day - AisleAs part of the wedding party I had my sister and> best friend as my bridesmaids, my niece as a flower girl and> my nephew as a page-boy.  We had Ingrid Michaelson’s version of Can’t Help Falling in Love as we walked down the aisle.  With my niece and> nephew going first, followed by my bridesmaids and> then my dad and> I. I don’t remember much about the walk, except my dad whispering at me to slow down.  I was just so nervous sadly I rushed.

The wedding ceremony…

We chose to have quite a short ceremony but selected 2 readings.  One was chosen as I read it at my sister’s wedding, an extract from poem read by my mother in law.

Wedding Day - MarriedI remember a couple of things from the ceremony.  One being ridiculously hot, and> quite sweaty. And two when asking if anyone knew of any reason we shouldn’t be married a baby decided to start crying.  Which definitely broke the ice a little bit. And finally the moment we were announced as husband> and> wife, a very happy moment. We then broke to sign the register, we had Jason Mraz I’m Yours and> Jack Johnson Better Together whilst we did this.  And then finally we got our marriage certificate and> walked out to Stevie Wonder, Signed, Sealed Delivered.

The Wedding Breakfast…

Then it was party time. We held a short drinks reception, with fizz and> a chance for me to greet our guests. As the bride I found the strangest thing knowing that my husband> was relaxing upstairs welcoming everyone and> I was holed up in a room. But once the ceremony was over I was much more relaxed.  We did some group photos before Daniel and> I headed off for a few Wedding Day Photosphotos on our own. I would definitely recommend assigning one of your best men or bridesmaids to round people up for these shots. I gave the best men a list so they knew who was up next. It worked really well and> there wasn’t much waiting around for people.

After the photos we were back with our guests, chatting and> enjoying a drink, and> then it was time for the BBQ. Our wedding breakfast was a massive summer BBQ, and> the rooftop at the Great John Street was perfect for it.  We had burgers, sausages, chicken, salmon, prawns and> all the accompaniments you can think of, including Potatoes, Pasta and> Salad. We had some lovely comments on the food and> everyone seemed to embrace the informal atmosphere we had wanted to create.  I think the beautiful sunshine helped.

And then it was on to the speeches, one of my favourite parts of the day.  Everyone smashed their speeches.  

My dad did a fabulous job, I am a bit of a Daddy’s girl and> am super close to my Dad.  I think a lot of people were looking forward to his speech and> he didn’t disappoint. Then it was swiftly onto the Groom. A short but lovely speech thanking me for the effort I put into planning the whole day and> acknowledging the support of both sets of parents.  He thanked the Bridesmaids for helping me get ready in the morning, albeit getting a little dig in about my high maintenance ways.

We then chose to break from tradition a little bit and> my bridesmaid Lucy did a speech. Lucy is my oldest friend and> her speech was incredible. She embarrassed me immensely mainly with stories of our childhood, but also boys and> alcohol, lots of both apparently!  And finally the best men.  Where my husband> also got suitably embarrassed by both his brother and> his best friend. We definitely laughed a lot during the speeches.

The party starts….

Wedding Day - Cut the CakeOnce the speeches were over it was time to move the seats out and> set up the dance floor, our evening guests started to arrive and> the party started.  But before all the dancing it was time to cut the cake, our beautiful Naked Chocolate Brownie Cake. Which was stunning but pretty tough to cut.

Wedding Day - DanceOur first dance was my husband>’s choice, we had The Courteeners, Take Over the World.  Albeit not my first choice Danny had mentioned that the words rang true to him about us, and> when he played it to me it was just the most romantic thing I had tears in my eyes so we went with it! And I am so glad we did. We then get everyone else up dancing, and> partied the night away. We danced until the small hours ending the evening with Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud.

After Saying good-bye to everyone we headed to our bridal suite, and> the realisation that it was all over hit me.  I didn’t want to take my dress off.  I had the most amazing wedding day, and> I still wish I could do it all over again.