After the chaos of planning the wedding, and> last-minute issues I was quite calm in the few days running up to the big day.  I met with the hotel for a final details meeting, and> met our on the day coordinator on the Tuesday, and> finished work on the Wednesday. I then had 2 days to get everything together. As a super organised person I made sure everything was finalised way before this point.  And had these last 2 days before my wedding day planned out.  Thursday my hubby to be went to work, and> I cleaned the house and> packed for the honeymoon.

My Wedding DayThe day before….

I had made plans to get my engagement ring cleaned first thing in the morning, and> then to meet my Mum for full-scale bridal prep.  As I left my hubby to be for the last time, I was excited but still feeling really calm.  My Mum & I first headed to pick up my dress, and> then went to the hotel to drop all our bags off. And the dress. The Great John Street hotel is just stunning, and> I was made to feel like royalty by everyone.  From the moment I stepped through the door to the moment I left.

After checking in, we headed out to my favourite nail salon My Wedding Day Make UpThe Morning of my Wedding Day…

I was obviously awake super early, even though I moved my phone away from the bed and> tried to sleep until my alarm.  Calmly sipping a cup of coffee in bed my head was screaming, I’m getting married today! Finally it was time to get up and> meet my Mum for breakfast.  In a lovely gesture we were treated to a complimentary glass of fizz from the manager at the hotel.  And it was then that my nerves really kicked in, and> never really went away.  I ate as much as I could and> then headed back to the room to begin getting ready.  My bridesmaids and> my cousin (hairdresser) arrived, and> then my make up artist.  For me for a while it was just relax, enjoy some fizz and> a catch up.

After a fabulous morning with my closest family and> friends I had my make up on, my hair done and> the rest of my family arrived.  My Dad, and> my brother-in-law with my niece and> nephew.  And as the ceremony drew closer it was time to get my dress on.

My Wedding Day 2

I love this photo – trying to tell my Mum not to worry about my dress!

The final countdown…

After checking my details with the registrar it was a short wait for the call to head to the ceremony.  I was ridiculously nervous by this point, and> incredibly hot.  We were so lucky with the weather it was beautiful, and> I would never complain. But it could have been a little cooler.  Just before leaving the room a mini disaster struck. My Mum stood on my dress, and> there was a small rip in the train.  Now if you had told me before the wedding this would happen I think I would have said I’d be devastated but to be honest I didn’t care.  My poor mum was traumatized, and> all I cared about was making sure she didn’t let it affect her day.  It was a tiny detail, and> something that no one could really see.

My Wedding DayAnd then the lovely Hannah (our coordinator) came to take us up to the ceremony.  And we made the walk up to the roof top.  I honestly can not tell you how nervous I was at this point which I never expected.

 Check back tomorrow for Part Two and> the full run down of My Wedding Day.