So you may have seen on my social media that I am currently enjoying a break in sunny Spain. For me holidays are a time for relaxing and> recuperating, not hitting the gym.  However I still enjoy staying active during my holidays.  And whilst I occasionally do short bodyweight workouts on holiday generally I prefer to engage in lower impact activities.  Using exercise more of a way to explore the local area. Or spend time with friends and> family.

Make sure you are well supported…

Whatever exercise you are doing on holiday or at home it is so important to make sure you are well supported.  Ladies I am talking to you.  Whilst we spend time ensuring our everyday bras fit properly we may not put as much time into our sports bras. But making sure you have a well-fitting sports bra is so important.  And equally important is that it provides the correct level of support. When it comes to sports bras Shock Absorber have you covered.  You can select your bra based on your activity level or sport. They offer a wide range of different options but the Multi Active Sports Bra is the perfect all-rounder. Providing high impact support for a multitude of different exercises, it is definitely one to throw in the case for holiday workouts.

The Multi Active Sports Bra comes in a variety of colours, with the new range having some great summer shades.  The bras not only offer great support but look stylish as well. Made with moisture-wicking, breathable, high performance fabrics they are perfect for sweaty workouts in the sun.  I also found this one super easy to get on and> off, no struggling to get it over your head or battling to get out of it. The last thing you want after a hot workout.

So talking of hot sweaty holiday workouts, here are my top 3 ways of staying active on holiday.

Body Weight Circuits

If I do choose to do any specific workouts I usually focus on short high intensity circuits.  I focus on using body weight only exercises such as Star Jumps, High Knees, Burpees, Squat & Lunge Variations, Press Ups and> Plank Variations.  I usually work in rounds of 30 seconds on and> 30 seconds off, and> select 4-5 exercises.  Cycle through each of the exercises, rest between sets and> repeat 4 to 5 times.  Body Weight Circuits are great as you don’t need any equipment and> can do them anywhere  – the beach, a balcony or just a small patch of grass. And having my Shock Absorber on hand> means I am well supported and> contained during any jumping around!

Beach Games

A great fun one to enjoy with friends and> family or whoever you may be travelling with.  I always remember setting up beach volleyball games, or playing bat and> ball when holidaying as a kid.  It is perfect for staying active whilst having fun.  And reliving a bit of your childhood maybe.


Another low impact option walking on holiday is a great way to explore the area.  Either along the beach, or the local town you can see so much.  Or you can take it further and> head out on a hike if the area permits it, think coastal paths or even mountain trails.  Runs along the beach are one of my favourite ways to start the day on holiday. And my Multi Active Shock Absorber is the perfect addition to my run kit.

These are definitely my preferred ways of keeping active and> moving on holiday but depending on where you are travelling there may be many other options.  Including cycling, swimming, water sports or even yoga.  Just make sure you pack your favourite sports bra and> stay active.

*Please note Shock Absorber kindly supplied this sports bra to me in return for an honest review, as always all opinions are my own*