Carbohydrates sadly get a bit of a bad rep in the fitness industry.  A focus on high fat, high protein diets mean carbohydrates are often seen as devil’s work.  But they are not the enemy.  Carbohydrates are our bodies main energy source, we need them in our diets.  The #eatpastarunfaster campaign run by Vapiano restaurants wants us to learn to love carbs as part of our training.

A#eatpastarunfaster Ones part of the campaign Vapiano have worked dietitian Dr Sarah Schenker to create a diet plan to promote carbs as part of a balanced fitness diet. Sarah has devised two plans, designed specifically for runners. They provide just the right amount of carbohydrate to stop you feeling fatigued and> sluggish, but not enough to result in unwanted weight gain. Balancing carbohydrates with protein and> healthy fats, they match pasta dishes (including some of Vapiano’s own) with vegetable packed breakfasts, soups, salads, and> lighter evening meals.  There is a 5 day nutritionally balanced plan for regular runners, and> a 3 day carb loading plan for pre-race long distance runs. 

#eatpastarunfaster FreshThe Restaurant

As part of the campaign I was invited down to Vapiano located in the Corn Exchange, Manchester to sample the dishes that form part of #eatpastarunfaster plan.  Light and> airy, the restaurant has a laid back chilled vibe to it.  A different kind of restaurant, Vapiano has a self-service concept. When you arrive you are given a card which you then use to order your food/drink at the different stations. Your dish is then made freshly in front of you. It is a great concept and> worked well on a quiet Sunday lunch.  However I imagine when the restaurant is busy stand>ing waiting to order and> then stand>ing waiting for your food could be a little tedious.  Although I do love that you get to see everything being made freshly.  And can tailor the dishes to your own tastes.

The Food

Ordering drinks my husband> and> I browsed the menu.  And both decided on a bruschetta to start, Danny went for the mozzarella version and> myself the Gamberetti. (Prawns).  Both were fantastic.  The tomatoes tasted so fresh, and> I added extra chilli and> garlic to my prawns which is the beauty of the Vapiano way.  Danny said the mozzarella although there seemed a lot was lovely and> light.

Bruschetta Gamberetti

Bruschetta Mozzarella

Then on to the mains, after how much I rated the prawns on my bruschetta Danny went for the Gamberetti. I went for the Aglio e olio, which is on the #eatpastarunfaster plan. My dish was full of garlic which I absolutely loved, and> again you can personalise the dishes.  Select the pasta  you would, I went for Penne, Danny for Spaghetti and> then add any extras.  We both had extra chilli and> a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. Both dishes were well made and> tasted lovely and> fresh.

Vapiano Pasta

Vapiano Pasta

If you love running and> are looking for the perfect fuel Vapiano have you covered with their #eatpastarunfaster campaign, so go check them out.  They have restaurants in London as well as the Manchester branch I visited.

*Vapiano very kindly treated us to lunch but as always all thoughts and> opinions are my own*