Fitness doesn’t just involve exercise, whilst that does aid the building of muscles and> have other benefits to your body, what you eat has just as big an impact.

Your body requires the right nutrition to stay healthy and> slim, and> whilst so many of us believe this has to be expensive, in real life it isn’t.

Here are some hand>y tips to kick start your healthy kitchen.
  1. Healthy on a Budget PastaBulk buy pasta and> rice – many supermarkets offer 1kg bags of rice and> pasta, these are great value for money as they last an incredibly long time and> aren’t that expensive.
  2. Tin cans aren’t bad – do you think because it’s in a can it has to be bad? Tinned beans and> pulses are cheap (most are under £1 for 2 portions) and> don’t go off quickly so you can stock your cupboards up, and> if you never have any meat out you can use those instead.
  3. Freeze your meat – fresh meat isn’t exactly expensive and> does taste great, so why not store it in the freezer? Many supermarkets offer ‘BOGOF’ or ‘3 for 2’ on their fresh meat, so buy some and> pop them into individual portions and> freeze.
  4. Frozen vegetables – these are a god send for me! They taste great and> are so cheap, you can just grab a hand>ful out of theHealthy on a Budget Spices bag and> pop vegetables into any meal without any prep or fuss.
  5. Frozen fruit – frozen berries have recently taken the internet by storm, but if you prefer fresh then simply freeze them yourself just before they go off! That way you won’t throw anything away.
  6. Seasoning – no kitchen is complete without some seasoning, supermarket own brand>s are just as good as the more expensive options and> they last you a long time. However, before you go to the shop check out your local markets as often there are spice stalls selling large packets of spice mixtures for very little.
Of course there are many other things you can do to keep your kitchen cheap and> healthy.
  • Freeze your leftovers – cooking a meal for one or even two can often be difficult especially when it comes to portion sizes, so opt for cooking for at least four and> then freezing the leftover portions.
  • Healthy on a Budget Shopping ListMeal prep – if you’ve got some time at the weekend, spend some hours in the kitchen making meals for the week. Grab some tupperware and> make a few different dishes to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and> dinner.
  • Meal planning and> shopping lists – plan out yours meals so you ensure you stick to them, and> that way when you write your shopping list you only buy what you need to make those meals.
  • Don’t shop hungry – when you shop for food with an empty stomach everything seems to look good, even foods you would never normally buy. So try and> do your food shop after a filling and> healthy meal and> with a shopping list.

The main thing of course is to enjoy your food, cooking should never be a chore or something only the rich can afford but something that is a luxury enjoyed by all. If you stick to these simple guidelines you’ll have a happy, healthier and> cheaper kitchen in no time!

Today’s post was written by Amy Taylor at I Prefer Cooking, check out her fabulous blog for more healthy budget recipes.  Or follow her on social media Facebook Twitter and> Instagram