Gaining weight in pregnancy is unavoidable.  But as someone who has had weight and> body image issues before the prospect was quite daunting for me.  I knew my changing body would be something I would have to deal with but I wanted to be prepared. Whilst I didn’t want to stress over my weight, I also didn’t want to pile on the pounds. Being aware of how much weight I should be gaining was important to me. I would know then that I was maintaining a healthy weight. Which is important for both me and> my baby.

Gaining weight in pregnancy is normal, and> perfectly healthy.

The alternatives can have serious health implications. Women who gain too little weight in pregnancy may be more likely to deliver premature babies of a low birth weight. This may lead to health problems compared with full term, heavier infants. Weight Gain ScalesThe baby actually only accounts for a small amount ofoverall weight gain in pregnancy, with the rest coming from changes to your body as you prepare for pregnancy. For example, bigger boobs, enlarged uterus, the placenta and> amniotic fluid.

Overall pregnancy weight gain will vary depending on how much you weighed before pregnancy. General guidelines indicate a weight gain of between 24 and> 33 pounds as appropriate.  Or 10 to 14kg. Usually gaining around 1 to 2kg in the first trimester and> about 0.5kg a week for the remainder of the pregnancy.

How to control your weight in pregnancy

If like me you are conscious of staying healthy in pregnancy, there are some simple ways to control your weight gain.  First Healthy Breakfastkeep in mind that you do not need to eat for 2.  In reality you only need an increase of around 150-300 calories during the second and> third trimesters.  The main factor is maintaining a healthy balanced diet.  Ensure you eat a wide variety of fruit and> vegetables. Limit refined carbohydrates and> make sure you eat enough good quality protein.

For me besides avoiding the obvious foods such as certain cheeses, raw meat, alcohol and> limiting caffeine there hasn’t been a huge change in my diet. During the first trimester and> the constant nausea I did struggle with my appetite and> ate alot more junk food than I usually would. But since getting past that I am back on track. Check out my previous Youtube video “What I eat in a Week” for a more detailed breakdown. (Bear in mind this was filmed before I was pregnant, I don’t currently drink Gin & Tonics for example).  I have also cut out Whey Protein.  There isn’t currently enough evidence on whether it is safe to take during pregnancy. So I have decided not to supplement my diet with it anymore.

Of course I indulge in the odd treat every now and> again.  And I am alot more relaxed over those now.  I love cake and> pizza so still enjoy these in moderation. But I am conscious of staying healthy for me and> baby Calter.