As the weather hopefully starts to get warmer and> the sun maybe makes an appearance, it is important to stay hydrated.  But water can get super boring. So trying some fruit infusions may be the perfect way to make it taste better.  Staying hydrated also has some major benefits.  Including aiding weight Loss, helping to improve your skin, and> it aids digestion. Furthermore because water aids in body regulation and> brain function, is closely related to balancing mood and> emotions. So Proper hydration canactually  make you feel better.  Dehydration is also a serious issue during pregnancy, water plays an important role in the healthy development of your baby.

Fruit Infusions Bottle – Primark

I have found throughout my pregnancy that I am a lot thirstier than before, and> to be honest I have got a little fed up of plain old water.  This led me to invest in a fruit infusions bottle, these are so amazing.  I picked mine up from Primark for the bargain price of £4 and> it works perfectly.  Add the fruit into the middle section and> you get lovely flavoured water, no mess, no bits and> easy to clean.  Plus the Primark ones have a hand>y hand>le you can clip down when not in use.  I am honestly obsessed with mine, and> love trying new combinations.  This post isn’t sponsored in any way and> I purchased the bottle myself, I just genuinely like this product.

Fruit Infusions Combination

Fruit Infusions – The Combinations

I have loved trying different combinations, from the simple to the slightly more interesting.  The possibilities are endless.  I started with simple lemon water.  Lemon Water is great for aiding digestion (another pregnancy related issue is slow digestion), and> also contains vitamin c which can help boost immunity.  Adding Strawberries as well gives the simple lemon water a lovely sweet twist.  It has definitely become one of my favourites.  Or why not try a full on citrus flavour adding Lime, Orange and> even grapefruit to the lemon.

Another one of my favourite combinations is Cucumber and> Mint.  I find this so refreshing in the summer, and> a great palette cleanser.  And these ingredients can help reduce bloating, another great benefit.  Sticking with the mint, strawberry and> mint works well together, as does the slightly more quirky option of Strawberry and> Basil, or Watermelon and> Basil.

I am loving trying these fruit infusions, do you have a favourite?