As we move into May and> ever closer to the summer we start to hear more and> more about bikini bodies. And being beach ready.  The quick fixes and> fad diets are everywhere, and> people begin to panic that they can’t be seen in a bikini.  But why should we be sucked in to believing the bikini body hype.  It is just nonsense.

Bikini Body OneThe fastest way to get a bikini body – Put a bikini on your body! 

The term bikini body implies that if you don’t look like the image portrayed by the media you shouldn’t be wearing a bikini.  But why not? You should wear what makes you feel happy and> comfortable. Regardless of size or shape. I hate the way magazines body shame celebrities, writing huge articles pointing out their flaws. Zooming in on cellulite, or a less than perfect tum. Because honestly how often do you do that on the beach? I know I don’t.  I have never looked at another woman and> thought she shouldn’t be in a bikini. Why do it to celebrities!

Learn to love your own bikini body!

It is so difficult to feel comfortable in your own skin when we are constantly bombarded with images of perceived perfection. Consistently shown completely unachievable, unsustainable ideals that we feel we need to strive to achieve. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself.  Lose weight, gain muscle, working on a fitter and> healthier version of yourself.  But know that what you are is already enough.  I am not saying that starting a fitness regime, or eating better at this time of year is wrong, We all do it. A few weeks/months before a holiday I will often reign in my eating, and> change the way I train.  But not wearing a bikini because you don’t look a certain way is most definitely wrong.

Of course it is normal to feel anxious at the thought of hitting the beach and> stripping down to a bikini.  You are exposed, and> your body is on show.  You may feel like everyone is looking at you, focusing on your imperfections but they are not. We all have our own body issues, most women feel the same about being in a bikini.  BUT try to remember that no one really cares, you are at the beach.  Everyone is too busy having fun.

So buy that bikini, put it on your body and> rock it!