If you read my post last week or have seen my social media recently you will know I finally announced my pregnancy.  I am currently 15 weeks and> slowly starting to feel a bit more normal.  The first 12 weeks or first trimester is meant to be the worst time in pregnancy. Most people will tell you this.  I know I have definitely not had it as bad as some people, and> there are some who sail through the first trimester.  But for me it has been a tough 12 weeks, and> at some points I have felt so fed up and> miserable.

I honestly wish I had never complained about being tired before!

And when I did I definitely didn’t know what I was talking about.  For a week or so before I found out I was pregnant and> for the next 6 or so weeks extreme tiredness took over me.  I have never felt anything like it.  It sounds excessive but trust me when a pregnant woman says she is tired believe her.  She is probably way more tired than you could ever realise.  For me it was all-consuming.  I did little but work and> sleep.  The best way I can explain is it like going under general anaesthetic. That feeling when you are counting down, that’s the tiredness I felt. Even walking the 10 minutes to the gym for clients was tough.  Any training sessions had to planned around my diary so I could sleep after! Seriously!

Why do they call it Morning Sickness?

So apparently morning sickness is more likely to occur earlier in the day but not for me.  And many others I’ve spoken to.  It can strike at any time, and> last all day. For me, the last 6 weeks I’ve been in an almost constant state of nausea.  Luckily I wasn’t actually sick all that often.  There was maybe 2 or 3 weeks where it got worse and> I was actually sick.  But it was not pleasant.  I found I was worse when I got hungry or overly tired, so trying to avoid either of those situations helped.  But on occasion it could be something I ate that just didn’t agree with me.  Finally getting my appetite back has been amazing.     

 The Scan

One of the best parts of the first trimester is right at the end. Your 12 week scan and> you finally get to see your baby.  Up until then it can all feel so surreal. Pregnancy anxiety can be really tough. But seeing your baby on the screen and> knowing that everything is progressing as it should is such an amazing moment.  And it also means you can finally share your news with your world. Which again makes everything feel so much more real.  I have to admit that this moment makes all the sickness and> tiredness worth it, well almost!