You may have read my recent post about how to get out of a gym rut.  If not you can check it out here! One of my tips was to mix up your routine or try something new.  If you are wondering of ways you can do this, have you ever heard of Plyometric Training?

Plyometric Training also known as Jump Training and> has so many benefits.

Remember the fun you had as a kid, hopping, skipping, and> jumping around well plyometrics mimic those moves. Although traditionally used by athletes, plyometric exercises stimulate several muscle groups at the same time and> can be used to improve fat loss, strength and> endurance.  And are great for coordination and> agility.Plyometrics  It can be a really fun way of adding variation into your workouts.  You can design a whole workout around plyometrics or just add some plyo moves into your routine.

So when we talk about Plyometric moves what do we mean?

As mentioned essentially it is anything that involves jumping.  So think Squat Jumps, Box Jumps or Plyo Push Ups.  Even those old school favourites star jumps count as plyometric. Other top plyo moves include Plank Star Jumps, Burpees or Box Toe Taps.

For me one of the simplest ways of using plyometrics is to create a HIIT circuit, this is also great for doing at home.  Set a timer for 30 seconds activity, 30 seconds rest, choose 4 of your favourite plyo moves and> you’re good to go.  For example, Star Jumps, Squat Jumps, Plyo Push Ups and> Planks Star Jumps – complete one round of each.  Rest for 1 minute and> repeat 4-5 times.

Alternatively you can add some plyo moves into your usual workout.  For example on leg day, finish with a few rounds of squat jumps, and> lunge jumps to really burn your legs.  Or superset a plyo move with strength move, so weighted squats with box jumps.  Or Press Ups with Burpees.

There is so much variety and> fun to be had with plyometrics, have you tried them?