If like me you’ve been training for a while, week in week out, you may find yourself in a bit of a gym rut. Going through the motions but not really getting anywhere.  Or maybe just getting bored in the gym. Does this sound familiar? If it does, then you are not alone.  It happens to the best of us.  So if you feel like you are struggling with motivation at the moment and> need a helping hand> then check out my top tips for getting back on track.

There are some small changes you can make which may make a big difference.

For example downloading some new tunes, mixing up your sessions or just changing your warm up can all boost your Gym Rut Musicmotivation.  If you normally just do a straight forward strength session why not add in some higher intensity bursts, or supersets. Superset are 2 exercises done back to back with no rest.  Simple changes may be enough to motivate you.

If these don’t work then you may need to look into making a few more changes.  Why not completely mix up your routine, if you normally strength train, try running or a fitness class.  Grab a friend and> try a totally new workout.  You may find something new you love, or you may find new passion for your old routine.

And if all that fails, just take a break.  

This may sound counterproductive but trust me it’s not. Sometimes we forget our bodies and> our minds need to rest.  Scheduling an extra few days off the gym may just reinvigorate youGym Rut Swimming. Or even a full week, focus on your diet maybe and> skip the gym.  Maybe look an active rest week, performing lighter exercises, maybe swimming, walking or cycling. These will keep your body moving but won’t place undue stress on your body.  Sometimes we only rest for odd days, or when we are ill or on holiday.  Taking a week off your usual routine is a great way to make you feel like you want to get back to it.

Don’t feel like you can’t switch up your training, or take an extra few days rest, sometimes it’s all we need to get going again!