Spring has finally sprung and> with it the weather is slowly getting warmer. And so I’ve teamed up with Brita who have just released their first fitness bottle to encourage you to get outdoors!  Around this time of year I love ditching weekend gym workouts and> heading outdoors.  And I want you to do the same!  The fresh air, and> the scenery make it so much more interesting.

Plus there are so many benefits to working out outdoors. 

BRITA drinking Exercising outdoors is a great way to mix up your exercise routine, and> burn more calories.  Yep that’s right, even by changing nothing else.  Running or walking outside rather than on the treadmill will burn more calories.  The extra resistance from the wind, uneven ground, slopes and> inclines all mean your body will be working harder.
It is also great for your mood.  There has been lots of research showing a link between being outdoors and> a reduction in stress levels.  Plus fresh air, and> increased oxygen releases the feel good hormone serotonin. It’s a win win!

And to make you feel even better it’s free! And you don’t just have to think running or walking.  Almost any park equipment can be utilised.  Take a simple park bench for example, you can do step ups, split squats, elevated press ups, tricep dips and> even mountain climbers on it.  You can create a whole full body circuit just using the park. Why not grab some friends and> have fun working out outside.

Stay hydrated with BRITA Fill & Go ActiveBRITA Fill & Go

Whilst it is great to get outdoors, making sure you stay hydrated on the go is super important.  Which is where the new BRITA fill & go active comes in.  Stylish and> practical, they are great for on the go, as the name suggests.  They are BPA free, and> the filter system reduces chlorine and> other nasties that can impair the taste of your water.  I have really noticed an improvement in the taste of my tap water through the filter.  It makes drinking more water really easy.

Each filter lasts for round 4 weeks, up to 150 litres of water.  You can pick the bottle up with one filter for around £12 here: BRITA Fill and> Go Active Water Filter Bottle – Blue. They come in 4 funky colours to suit anyone. They definitely  get a thumbs up from me, great tasting water and> less waste.

What are you waiting for – grab your BRITA fill&go active, and> get outdoors!

*Please note I received this item for free in return for an honest review on my blog. All opinions of the product are my own. Check out my disclaimer for more information.*