Stretch marks, the not so glamorous side of weight loss/weight gain. But sadly something I and> I am sure a lot of other women suffer with.  Either from weight loss/gain or maybe pregnancy they are most common on your stomach, breasts, and> thighs.  I have always been conscious of my stretch marks, and> shy away from certain bikini photos. So when I found out about Re-Gen Cream I was excited to see if it helped. And up my moisturiser game over the cold winter months.

What is it and> what does it do?

Re-Gen CreamRe-Gen Cream is designed to help prevent and> treat stretch marks, scars, dry and> blemished skin.  Containing active ingredient PCL Liquid for skin regeneration and> other essential ingredients.  Including Vitamin E, Lavender, Chamomile and> Rosemary Oil.  Re-Gen claims to prevent and> reduce the appearance of stretch marks, blemishes and> pigmentation marks.  And improve the condition of scar tissue, and> aid skin’s elasticity.  As well as all this it is also a great moisturiser for dry skin and> helps make the skin soft and> supple.

The packaging is quite basic, and> not overly feminine but that is reflected in the price.  It retails at around £5 for a 125ml pot.  You can buy their products from Asda, Home Bargains or Body Care amongst others and> also online at Amazon. Click here: Re-Gen Cream. And although basic it gives you all the information you need on the box.

The product itself is lovely and> I have really enjoyed using it.  For me it has more of a medical smell than that of a beautiful moisturiser it is not unpleasant.  And definitely not overpowering. It actually reminds me of my Nan. For the price I have to admit I didn’t expect the product to go on as well as it did.  It is lovely on the skin, and> dries really quickly. Which is a definite plus, as I can be super impatient and> hate waiting for cream to dry.  The cream doubles up as a face and> body moisturiser but I haven’t actually used it on my face.

So does Re-Gen Cream work?Re-Gen Cream Product

I have been using the Re-Gen cream for a couple of months and> I love it. I have noticed a slight improvement in my stretch marks. They are marginally lighter, and> not quite as noticeable.  I didn’t expect it to perform miracles but I am happy with what it has done.  It is a great as a day-to-day moisturise and> I will definitely purchase it again.  For any pregnant ladies out their it is safe to use while pregnant and> could be great to use if you are concerned about stretch marks.

Re-Gen Cream is such a bargain, you really can’t go wrong!

*Please note I received this item for free in return for an honest review on my blog. All opinions of the product are my own. Check out my disclaimer for more information.