You will have seen on my blog and> social media that I am all about balance.  I don’t believe in restrictions, or living on a restrictive diet.  I believe the key to long term health lies in your relationship with food.  Yes we can all talk about balance. We can all claim we don’t feel guilty about that extra slice of cake, but what if you don’t really feel like this?For me my issues with food stem from years of being on a restrictive diet.

And the guilt I associated with food.  Most of my teenage.early adult life I was on a diet.  There was always something I didn’t allow myself to eat.  Chocolate, crisps, carbs or any food labelled as bad.  But this just led me to crave them more and> binge when I could no longer resist.  Years of testing my will power to its breaking point.  For me the minute you tell me I can’t eat or drink something, it will be all I think about.  And that is the reason I no longer live with restrictions.

The biggest turning point in my relationship with food has been knowing that if I want a piece of cake I can have it.  

And that means more often than not I go about my day to day life not really thinking about cake. If I do fancy a piece I have a piece, or maRestrictive Dies Cakeybe I bake a healthy alternative.  I very rarely find myself eating a whole cake in one sitting like I may have done in my yo-yo dieting days.  Although that’s not to say I can’t sink a large pepperoni pizza by myself but that is a different story!

If like me you have lived on the restrictive diet wagon for most of your life, it can be hard to tell yoursef you are allowed to enjoy the foods you always villified.  But try it, you may find a small piece of chocolate curbs your never ending craving!