Sleep TimeSleep is so important to our well-being but is so often overlooked.  In today’s society with so much to do, and> seemingly little time sleep often gets pushed to the bottom of our priority list. But sleep plays a vital role in good health and> wellbeing. We should all view it as part of our health regime.  During sleep your body is working to support healthy brain function and> maintain your physical health.  Long term sleep deprivation can mean you are more at risk of chronic health problems. It will how affect how you think, react, work and> get along with others.

There are so many benefits to a good nights sleep, some you may already know others may surprise you. Not only can it improve your memory it may also help you live longer.  While we are sleeping our bodies get a chance recharge, if we miss sleep for a long time our bodies no longer work at their best. Getting enough sleep can also help reduce stress levels.  In terms of fitness sleep can help with performance levels, and> also help with weight loss/maintenance. Skipping a good nights rest may affect your ability to make decisions, and> it can affect your impulse control.  When you are over-tired your brain’s reward centre kicks in. You start looking for something that feels good.  So when you’ve slept well you may be able to resist that second slice of cake, but if you’re feeling tired you may not be able to say no!

Sleep EnvironmentSo if you have struggle sleeping what can you do to improve your night-time routine.  First up cut out late afternoon/evening caffeine. Caffeine has stimulant effects.  And regardless of whether you think it affects you it is likely to affect your quality of sleep. You should try avoid using your phone before bed as again this can keep your brain active. Instead why not try some gentle yoga and> stretches to calm the mind, and>  make sure your bedroom is dark and> cosy. Creating the perfect sleeping environment will definitely help you relax and> improve your sleep.